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What is sintered bronze filter?

Sintered bronze filter elements from copper alloy powder high temperature knot, high filtration accuracy, good breathability, high mechanical strength, high material utilization rate, suitable for higher operating temperature and heat-resistant impact. 

Widely used in pneumatic components, chemicals, environmental protection and other fields. According to customer requirements to produce a variety of shapes, structures, powder size, porosity of porous parts, such as covers, caps, tablets, tubes, rods and other filter elements.

What is sintered stainless steel filter?

Sintered stainless steel filter born with good filtration performance in the beginning, That is 2-200um filtration particle size can play an average surface filtration performance. Also the main filter material using multi-layer stainless steel sintering mesh. And filtration accuracy of 0.5-200um.

Since performance has a variety of different porosity (28%-50%), Pores (4u-160u) and filtration accuracy (0.2um-100um). Also with cross-sectional, high temperature resistance, anti-hot and cold besides anti-corrosion

PE/PA sintering filter product introduction

  • PE/PA sintering filter product introduction:  Sintering filter using ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sintering type, compact structure, strong, light weight. That can withstand high filtration pressure, non-toxic tasteless. Acid-base solvent has good rust resistance.
  • Good PE/PA sintered filters is mainly used in pure water, domestic water, and beverages. More of medical treatment, electroplating liquid, emulsion, washing liquid, acid-base solution and other liquid filtration and sewage treatment. Not only can filter out the liquid suspended matter...

What is sintered mesh disc?

Sintered mesh disc as the name implies, is made into a flaky filter:

According to the preparation of filter sheet material. So the mesh disc can have different type. Such as stainless steel mesh, copper mesh, mat mesh, stainless steel sintering mesh. More of zinc plating square eye mesh, metal plate mesh, steel plate net, punch net and other metal mesh disc.

Basic conditions Plastic filter product shapes are: rectangular, square, round, oval, ring, rectangle…

What is the difference between sintered mesh filter and sintered metal filter?

Sintered mesh filter is mainly using multi-layer sintering network. And then multi-layer sintering is a special layer of pressure. Obviously the use of vacuum sintering with high mechanical strength and overall meshing of a filter material. The filter element made of it has the characteristics of not only strong rust resistance, good permeability, high strength, easy cleaning and back-cleaning. But also with precise filtration accuracy, sanitary clean filter material, and no shedding of silk mesh

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