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Bronze silencer can diffuse air and muffle noise from the ports of valves, cylinders, and air tools. They have sound-reducing qualities to reduce noise to acceptable levels of OSHA noise requirements.

  • The sintered bronze silencer has a maximum operating pressure of 300 psi.
  • The operating temperature ranges from 35°C to 300°C by oil, water or gas.
  • The Sintered bronze muffler reduces the noise levels of pneumatic equipment.
  • The bronze silencer is made using advanced technology that offers reliable filtration.

A Trusted Bronze Silencer Supplier in China

BLUE is a bronze silencer manufacturer in China that offers a sustainable and durable product line. We have also given the customize option according to each user’s needs.

High Strength Bronze Silencer Factory | BLUE

The manufacturing of bronze silencers is with extreme precision, and the best-sintered bronze powder ensures durability. Contact us to manufacture a custom-made bronze muffler under your requirements. 

Air muffler silencer is used widely to reduce noise from the exhaust ports of air valves and air cylinders and result efficient productivity. 

Pneumatic muffler silencer safely vents pressurized air to the atmosphere. They are installed on cylinders, fittings and valves. 

Air silencer muffler vent pressurized air to the atmosphere. You can install them on solenoid valves, pneumatic cylinders and fittings.

Sintered bronze silencer reduces noise and exhaust air which may emit contaminants during operation. It helps prevent harmful contaminants.

The noise from pneumatic waves is very dangerous. You can countermeasure this issue with sintered silencer for noise suppression.

Pneumatic silencer muffler is a cost-effective and simple solution to reduce noise pollution and unwanted contaminants.

Silencer filter is installed at the exhaust port of a valve and diffuse the air that reduces turbulence and decreases noise levels. 

Pneumatic silencers have different shapes depending on the applications. These specifications are temperature, pressure ranges.

Sintered bronze muffler made of an air filter having annular body with openings at the ends. The air filter element removes unwanted particle from the air.

Sintered muffler use porous sintered bronze which connect to standard pipe fittings. They diffuse air and reduce air exhaust noise. 

Air muffler is an inexpensive method for pneumatic flow control. The sintered bronze mesh in them reduces air exhaust noise.

You can install brass muffler on exhaust or vent ports. It is made of sintered brass powder and brass housing with temperature range of -20°C to +60°C.

Why Choose BLUE Bronze Silencer in China?

We manufacture the products using high-quality brass and pure materials from trustworthy vendors.

We have reached this reputable position by offering a vast assortment of a bronze silencer.

You can purchase bronze silencer from BLUE as we are the top manufacturer in China due to our persistence in serving the best quality products at affordable rates.

The use of high-quality material ensures that it is resistant to corrosion, inorganic chemicals, and other dyed elements.

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How Do We Produce Your Bronze Silencer and Make Quality Control?

Raw Material Process 1

Raw Material

BLUE always insist on choosing uniform powder of raw material to produce each of your sintered filter with great pore size, high tensile strength and temperature stability.

Powder Filling Process 2

Powder Filling

Our ultra-efficient industrial tools closely monitor the powder filling process to convert sintered raw materials into the sintered filter at very affordable rates.

High Sintering Process 3

High Sintering

BLUE uses stainless steel and bronze materials for the high sintering process to solidify materials without passing them through liquefaction by applying heat and pressure.

Precision Machining Process 4

Precision Machining

We use a high-precision machining process for manufacturing sintered filter metal parts by using innovative techniques to meet precision filtration characteristics.

Size Inspection Process 5

Sintered Metal Filters Suppliers

BLUE delivers high quality bronze silencer that improve the extraction efficiencies. Our bronze silencer is best for various rugged industrial applications.

Filtration Test Process 6

Stainless steel filter manufacturers

We perform a filtration test to check the sintered filter’s strength, shape, porosity, distribution rate, permeability, flow control, and filtration rate.

Parts Assembly Process 7

Parts Assembly

We only assemble sintered filter parts after passing through extensive quality assurance procedures to ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

Product Packing Process 8

Product Packing

BLUE pack all sintered filter products and accessories following international standard safety procedures to meet the criteria.

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BLUE - The Most Reputed Bronze Silencer Company

BLUE has the long history of trading high-quality bronze silencer all over the world. We offer anti-corrosive, easy installation and customization of bronze silencer at economical rates.

Our experts devotedly indulge in delivering the high-quality bronze silencer to our customers. Our product range complies with international quality standards best for industrial applications.

The bronze silencer of our company is effective in pneumatic and hydraulic equipment. We offer corrosion resistant metal parts for high filtering efficiency.

BLUE delivers high quality bronze silencer that improve the extraction efficiencies.  Our bronze silencer is best for various industrial applications.

We offer different range of bronze silencer which can be used in various dimensions as per client’s needs like such as dimension, tolerance, demand quantity material and filter grade.

We are the registered manufacturer of bronze silencer and provide premium quality bronze filter according to your requirements. 100% tested for filtration accuracy before shipment

BLUE – Long Term Solution For Customers in China

BLUE is the most trustworthy and reputed company in the market that is engaged in manufacturing, designing, and supplying high-quality bronze silencers in the market.

We closely monitor the design and production of our products to ensure their long-term life of the product and durability.

Our procedures adhere to international standards, so the customers trust our products.

Our bronze Silencer has maximum operating pressure of 300 psi and operating temperatures of 35˚F to 300˚F

 The high strength of our bronze muffler products increases their stability for installation. Also, you can clean them easily by reversing the flow.

Our products will help in various applications resulting in productivity and long-term benefits.

You can contact us through direct call or email with any questions or inquiries at our email. 

BLUE always prioritizes our customers and will assist you in the best possible way.

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