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Copper powder filter is made of copper alloy powder sintered at high temperatures. They offer high filtration precision, high mechanical strength, and high utilization of materials. We offer a wide range of copper powder filters at affordable rates.

  • ISO 9001: 2015 quality standards cover all sintering filter parts since 2010.
  • Best for pneumatic components, chemical, and environmental sectors. 
  • They have a filtration range of 5-250 microns and are customizable as per needs. 
  • Ability to separates the tiny and large particles because of their versatility. 

Copper Powder Filter Products Have a Competitive Edge

Copper powder filter has tiny holes that trap tiny particles effectively. These filters are trendy in laboratories and gas bubbling applications. Copper powder filter is made of bronze or 316L stainless steel, giving it excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance.


BLUE is a renowned organization with several years of experience in manufacturing and trading copper powder filters. Contact us to manufacture a custom-made copper powder filter under your requirements. 

Sintered brass filter contains a highly porous, sintered copper powder filter that ensures the retention of large solid and liquid particles.

Brass sintered filters are filtration devices with high temperature and pressure resistance. It is made up of various spherical bronze particles.

The brass muffler is made of sintered brass powders that reduce noise pollution and protect dirt and debris.

Sintered bronze filter are available in disc, cylinder, cylinder with bottom, and cone with flange with a thickness of 4mm-120mm.

Bronze filter offers high filtration efficiency with a micron rating of 1-250µm, high-temperature resistance, and 99% filtration efficiency.

A porous bronze filter offers lesser pressure drops and longer cleaning intervals. These filters are best for achieving filtration efficiency. 

The Porous bronze contains 90% copper and 10% tin. The bearings are wear-resistant, comfortable and corrosion-resistant. 

Powder metallurgy techniques manufacture the bronze disc. You can adjust the pore size by selecting different particle sizes.

Sintered bronze silencer uses sintered bronze to pipe thread fittings to diffuse air. It reduces exhaust noise within OSHA noise requirements.

The sintered copper filter has a lighter size and weight that saves space and guarantees particle efficiency at 5 microns.  engines.

Sintered brass can withstand maximum operating pressure of 300 PSI and a working temperature from 35°F to 300°F.

The sintered bronze muffler is easy to install in ports of valves, cylinders, and other air powered equipment. 

Why Choose BLUE Copper Powder Filter in China?

BLUE is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of sintered filters to meet quality and affordability in China.

We have skilled technicians and engineers who focus on selecting high-quality materials to manufacture sintered filters as per the choice of our customers.

We closely monitor pore size and add dimensional tolerance to achieve excellent filtration capacities for petroleum, pharmaceutical, chemical, natural gas, environmental detection, instrumentation, and several other fields.

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How Do We Produce Your Copper Powder Filter and Make Quality Control?

Raw Material Process 1

Raw Material

BLUE always insist on choosing uniform powder of raw material to produce each of your sintered filter with great pore size, high tensile strength and temperature stability.

Powder Filling Process 2

Powder Filling

Our ultra-efficient industrial tools closely monitor the powder filling process to convert sintered raw materials into the sintered filter at very affordable rates.

High Sintering Process 3

High Sintering

BLUE use stainless steel and bronze materials for the high sintering process to solidify materials without passing them through liquefaction using high pressure and temperature.

Precision Machining Process 4

Precision Machining

We use a high-precision machining process for manufacturing sintered filter metal parts by using innovative techniques to meet precision filtration characteristics.

Size Inspection Process 5

Size Inspection

BLUE inspect all the sizes of the sintered filter by applying pressure gauge and high-efficiency size monitoring pieces of equipment in order to meet client expectations.

Filtration Test Process 6

Filtration Test

We perform a filtration test to check the sintered filter’s strength, shape, porosity, distribution rate, permeability, flow control, and filtration rate before delivering to our customers.

Parts Assembly Process 7

Parts Assembly

In order to meet standards we only assemble sintered filter parts after passing through extensive quality assurance procedures to ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

Product Packing Process 8

Product Packing

BLUE pack all sintered filter products and accessories following international standard safety procedures to meet the international criteria.

Why not ask for Similar Sintered Filters?

The Advanced Copper Powder Filter Manufacturer in China

While you are purchasing a copper powder filter from BLUE, don’t worry about the product quality. We offer filters that are fabricated in a dust-free room to avoid contaminants.

Our experts will provide you customized copper powder filter as per your specifications. Our copper filters are manufactured using powder metallurgy techniques.

Our copper powder filter is available in various geometric shapes, porosity, and size, increasing the extraction rate. We promote usability many times before replacing it.

We have a corrosion-resistant and heat-stable copper powder filter that provides excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. All parts are temperature-resistant and rigid.

You can purchase our copper powder filter products for various applications. We make the filters with metallic materials that create a rigid, durable, and porous component.

Our ranges of copper powder filter products are customized, resistant to temperature, and relatively cheap. We offer precise filtration and low-pressure drop.

BLUE Copper Powder Filter – Name of Quality and Trust

BLUE offers a high-quality and durable copper powder filter that minimizes flow impingement. Our copper powder filter products are suitable for various industries, including chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical detection, equipment, and many others.

We manufacture a micron pore-sized copper powder filter. 

Compare to other copper powder filter manufacturers in the market, we offer a more reasonable price. Our filters are durable and simple to maintain with a long life span to avoid replacing them.

Moreover, you can give us customized orders to produce high-quality copper powder filters as per your requirements.

They have a filtration range of 5-250 microns and are customizable as per customer requirements to utilize in various industries. 

You can order our copper powder filter at the best possible price and have it delivered to your doorstep within a few days of confirming your order, and you can contact us or email your inquiries. 

As a professional manufacturer, we have rich experience in supplying high-quality copper powder filters. We are always committed to providing you with the best solution.

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