How to produce sintered stainless steel filter?

How to produce sintered stainless steel filter?

Sintered stainless steel filter require kinds of production and processing processing process in the filtration industry. Is there a product can be said to be popular? Yes, it is the sintering filter. There are many people who have used the sintering filter element. And most said that the filter performance of the sintering filter element is very high. Below we will look at the details of the sintering filter.

Process of sintered stainless steel filter:

The main difference between sintering filters and other filters is the use of a large number of high-precision welding processes. Stainless steel sintered metal mesh after round treatment for seam welding. Because welding needs to ensure roundness, welding to level the weld. So that the overall look beautiful, but also for the next step of the overall welding preparation.


The production process of this filter is complex. Even the material is expensive, but the effect is good. And it can be used repeatedly. So the accounting price is not high. Mainly because this specification of the filter we often do. Such as tooling and welding equipment require, also with workers skilled. Thus the price will be so low. If it is a non-standard model, Even for us, we also need to open a new mold, that cost will be higher.

Main use

  • High temperature environment for dispersed cooling materials;
  • Gas distribution, liquid bed plate materials;
  • High-precision, high-temperature filtration materials;
  • High-pressure backwash oil filters;


  • High strength: five-layer mesh sintering, with very high mechanical strength and pressure resistance,
  • High precision: 2-200um filtration particle size can play an equal surface filtration performance;
  • Heat resistance: can be used from -200 degrees to up to 650 degrees continuous filtration;
  • Cleaning: due to the use of excellent counter-current cleaning effect of the surface filtration structure, cleaning simple.

These are some of our sintering filter element in general introduction, I hope after reading the advantages of the white sintering filter. You not only have a basic know. But also to learn how to use the sintering filter. So that in the future when using the sintering filter element you can get higher filter efficiency.

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