PE/PA sintering filter product introduction

PE/PA sintering filter

  • PE/PA sintering filter product introduction:  Sintering filter using ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sintering type, compact structure, strong, light weight. That can withstand high filtration pressure, non-toxic tasteless. Acid-base solvent has good rust resistance.
  • Good PE/PA sintered filters is mainly used in pure water, domestic water, and beverages. More of medical treatment, electroplating liquid, emulsion, washing liquid, acid-base solution and other liquid filtration and sewage treatment. Not only can filter out the liquid suspended matter. But also remove chlorine in the liquid, organic impurities, color, odor and so on.
  • The characteristics and performance of polymer polyethylene filter element PE/PA filter aperture distribution is uniform, strong acid, strong alkali, high temperature. And mechanical performance is also good. Because it has a strong resistance to organic solvent erosion. Production of large-scale water treatment equipment. Which can use automatic or manual back-flushing slag method. Thus solid particulate return can be used dry slag. Instead need to change the filter element often. That can be automated operation, low filtration costs and other advantages, well received by users.

The specific description is as follows:

  • Super flow: high porosity rate (60%) ensures greater fluid flow per unit area;
  • The outer surface is smooth: smooth external surface, impurities are not easy to stick to, and backwash is easy to thoroughly;
  • Anti-fouling ability is strong: the external small and large filtration accuracy makes impurities can not remain in the filter body, that can be sludge pressure to 70% water content;
  • Excellent cost-effective: the filter comprehensive performance is cheap, and suitable for water treatment. More of that beads also environmentally friendly sewage treatment, water back, chemical product filtration and other large flow conditions.
  • Resistance to strong acid, strong alkali corrosion, resistance to the dissolution of organic solvents,
  • Excellent strength and wear resistance to ensure its service life;
  • The surface of external light makes impurities not easy to adhere to;
  • Backswer easy to reuse;
  • Good toughness. Sintering filters is not easy to break;
  • No granulation phenomenon;
  • Pressure resistance.

Applicaiton Scope:

  • Filter size: Diameter: φ20 φ25 φ30 φ40 φ50 φ60
  • Length: 5″10″ 20″30″40″
  • filter accuracy: 0.3um 0.3um 0.45um 1um 3um 5um 10um 20um 30um 40um 50um,

Operating conditions:

  • 0-40 degrees C operating pressure difference 6 bar
  • 60 degrees C operating pressure difference 5 bar
  • 80 degrees C operating pressure difference 4.5bar
  • 120 degrees C operating pressure difference 4ba

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