Prime Supplier of Pneumatic Muffler in China

BLUE is a prime supplier of pneumatic mufflers in China. Our high-quality pneumatic muffler cleans the exhausting air and reduces noise production from pneumatic systems, including valves, cylinders, silencers, ducts, and many other devices. 

  • Our high-flow pneumatic muffler filters exhaust fumes and are easy to install anywhere in the line.
  • Our flame-resistant and high noise-reducing pneumatic muffler control the exhaust air speed through a directional control valve.
  • We manufacture pneumatic mufflers with stainless steel and bronze material that can stand up to harsh environmental conditions.
  • The high-quality pneumatic muffler is suitable for welding equipment, instrumentation, the chemical industry, and other industrial applications.

Top-tier Manufacturer of Pneumatic Muffler in China

BLUE is a top-tier manufacturer of pneumatic mufflers suitable for conveyor and direct exhaust systems. Our skilled engineers use innovative technology to design a filter that makes it durable and extends its service life. 

A Notable Manufacturer of Pneumatic Muffler

BLUE is a notable manufacturer of pneumatic mufflers in China to get premium quality products at affordable rates. Following are our famous products and accessories:

Our flame-resistant and high noise-reducing pneumatic mufflers are designed to channel airflow from valves, cylinders, and ducts.

Our pneumatic muffler silencer is suitable for blowers, compressors, engines, hydraulic systems, and many other types of equipment.

We wisely select the material to manufacture filter mufflers that can withstand high temperatures, corrosion states, and other harsh environmental conditions.

Our high-quality air muffler silencer provides a concentrated blast of air and reduces the noise production rate.

We use pure brass material to manufacture a brass muffler that stops dust and other contaminants from entering the processing unit and equipment. 

We closely control the pore size, shape, and design of sintered muffler to maintain the system’s air flow speed and continuous operation. 

The high-quality sintered bronze muffler is easy to clean, simple to install, easy to maintain, and affordable for multiple industrial applications.

We supply ultra-fine quality air muffler filters that are suitable to use in damp environments as they are made up of 100% anti-corrosion proof material.

We manufacture a high-flow air exhaust muffler installed in any air-power tool, cylinder, and cramped place.

We use the stainless steel material to produce a pneumatic air muffler that quickly removes clogs in the cylinders, and valves for the efficient flow of air.

The compact design of the air muffler allows the quick flow of air into the equipment and then channelizes air into the atmosphere without routing it back into the system.

We provide compressed air muffler at very affordable rates to meet the industry-specific requirements of our customers at affordable rates.

Why Choose BLUE to Buy The Best Quality Pneumatic Muffler in China?

BLUE is a certified company that offers the best pneumatic muffler at competitive market rates to meet the requirements of our customers.

Our manufacturing unit is equipped with tech-savvy instruments to control the pneumatic muffler’s pore size, geometry, and design.

We guarantee that our products are suitable to use under damp and harsh environmental conditions. We inspect, test, and scrutinize before the release f shipment to win the trust of our clients.

Moreover, we always welcome our clients to share their specifications to manufacture custom-made pneumatic mufflers.

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How Do We Produce Your Sintered Filter and Make Quality Control?

Raw Material Process 1

Raw Material

BLUE always insist on choosing uniform powder of raw material to produce each of your sintered filter with great pore size, high tensile strength and temperature stability.

Powder Filling Process 2

Powder Filling

Our ultra-efficient industrial tools closely monitor the powder filling process to convert sintered raw materials into the sintered filter at very affordable rates.

High Sintering Process 3

High Sintering

BLUE use stainless steel and bronze materials for the high sintering process to solidify materials without passing them through liquefaction by applying heat and pressure.

Precision Machining Process 4

Precision Machining

We use a high-precision machining process for manufacturing sintered filter metal parts by using innovative techniques to meet precision filtration characteristics.

Size Inspection Process 5

Size Inspection

BLUE inspects all the sizes of the sintered filter by applying a pressure gauge and high-efficiency size monitoring pieces of equipment.

Filtration Test Process 6

Filtration Test

We perform a filtration test to check the sintered filter’s strength, shape, porosity, distribution rate, permeability, flow control, and filtration rate.

Parts Assembly Process 7

Parts Assembly

We only assemble sintered filter parts after passing through extensive quality assurance procedures to ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

Product Packing Process 8

Product Packing

BLUE pack all sintered filter products and accessories following international standard safety procedures to meet the criteria.

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A1 Supplier of Pneumatic Muffler in China

We are the best suppliers of pneumatic muffler in the market by closely monitoring the filter design, pore size, and airflow rate.

Our metallurgy company use ultra-fine quality ingredients to manufacture pneumatic muffler to stand up in the harsh and corrosive environmental conditions.

We design easy to install and simple pneumatic muffler to control exhaust airflow through ducts, cylinders, and valves.

As a reliable supplier of the pneumatic muffler, we focus on meeting the criteria of our customers by customizing the pore size, plate design, and filtering capacity.

We use 316 stainless steel materials for the production of the pneumatic filter. Our products can withstand high temperatures, high pressure, and harsh environmental conditions.

Our sintered bronze pneumatic muffler is suitable for multiple instrumentations, wastewater treatment, medical devices, scientific, loudspeaker, and industrial purposes.

How Can I Order Pneumatic Muffler From BLUE in China?

BLUE is an A1 supplier of pneumatic mufflers in China. We are serving in this field for many years.

We have sufficient hands-on experience to manufacture customized pneumatic mufflers as per your provided specifications.

We request customers share their specifications for the manufacturing of a pneumatic muffler.

Please analyze your project demands and prepare a PDF or Docx file to share specifications with us.

Our experienced engineers inspect every detail of the project to determine whether it is applicable or not.

The users can easily install a pneumatic muffler anywhere to reduce noise production up to 35-42 dB. Stay in touch with us to order a customized pneumatic muffler from China.

We can customize pneumatic mufflers as per the choice of our customers to meet the requirements of your project.

If we do not find it viable, we suggest our customer minor changes without affecting their budget. We satisfy our customers with high-quality products.

Contact us for a free quote for our pneumatic muffler services. Please stay in touch with us for more queries.

We love to solve the problems of customers. Call us or send us an email for a quick response.

Pneumatic Muffler Ultimate FAQs Guide

Are you tired of the noise pollution in your industry?

Searching for a highly efficient pneumatic muffler to reduce noise levels?

To that end, we have structured this guide to provide you with all the essential details about the pneumatic mufflers, like how they help reduce noises and which one is the best option.

Let’s get started.

Pneumatic mufflers, commonly known as silencers, are popular for quiet and safe ventilation of compressed air released during certain applications.

Depending on the requirements, these mufflers can be manufactured with different materials such as stainless steel or brass.

Commonly, they are installed in cylinders, air valves, fittings, and manifolds for air exhausting and reducing the stress from the environment for workers.

Technically, the noise is created by the fast-moving air particles when they collide with the channel walls and create detrimental noises.

For such applications, pneumatic mufflers are installed on the exhaust ports and diffuse the air particle through its porous material surface.

Typically, the muffler decreases the velocity of air particles resulting in the reduction in noise and turbulence.

Moreover, these mufflers can reduce the sound level from 15-25 dB compared to the equipment with no muffler.

Figure 1 Pneumatic Muffler

Figure 1 Pneumatic Muffler

Pneumatic mufflers help in reducing the turbulence and loud noises created during the escaping of compressed air from an application.

Typically, these noises result from the rapidly moving air molecules striking with the walls and other obstructions of the exhaust chambers and creating harmful noise.

Moreover, these air particles may also cause blockage or disruption in the exhausting port, resulting in louder noises.

Using an effective pneumatic silencer makes it possible to reduce the noise level by 10dB, which means reducing the level by almost half of the noises created.

Technically, the pneumatic mufflers are manufactured in various sizes and shapes depending on the pressure requirements and needs of applications.

Based on the design specifications, the following are the common design styles of pneumatic mufflers:

  • Cone-face Shaped Pneumatic Muffler.
  • Cylindrical Pneumatic Muffler.
  • Flat-Shaped Pneumatic Muffler.

Figure 2 Pneumatic Muffler WorkingFigure 2 Pneumatic Muffler Working

Yes, air mufflers and pneumatic mufflers are the same devices; both are used to ventilation compressed and polluted air without creating noises.

Typically, the compressed air evacuation systems are noisy and add a lot of noise pollution to the existing atmosphere of the factory or industry.

Therefore, these air mufflers or pneumatic mufflers are used to reduce the continuous noise levels and filter the compressed air (if used with a filter).

Many industries install air mufflers or pneumatic mufflers for air valves, fittings, and cylinders to ensure a silent, quiet, and stress-free, and less air exhaust noise environment for their workers.

Usually, the pneumatic or air mufflers utilize porous bronze, brass, plastic, or stainless steel material to perform the filtration as well as decrease noise issues of the unit.

Figure 3 Air Muffler

Figure 3 Air Muffler

Yes, both pneumatic mufflers and pneumatic silencers are the same devices used for the device used for the reduce noise pollution in industries and factories.

Typically, the term ‘Silencer’ is used in British English, while ‘Muffler’ is commonly used in American English.

Moreover, these silencers or mufflers may also contain filters to remove contamination from the air and release the filtered air into the environment to reduce pollution.

Consequently, these built-in filters can be used to capture oil mist and dirt particles from compressed air.

With the help of these pneumatic silencer or muffler filters, the workers, environment, and other applications operating in the surroundings can be protected from potential damage due to dirt and noise.

Pneumatic mufflers help reduce noises from the loud and noisy compressed air evacuation system by reducing the velocity of fast-moving particles.

The free-moving molecules of air create loud turbulence and noise within an exhausting channel or outlet port, creating loud noises.

Typically, two operations create an excess of noises:

  • Noises that occur from cleaning, sorting, transporting, and cooling operations.
  • Noises that occur from ventilating and exhausting compressed air from valves.

Pneumatic mufflers are useful to quietly eliminate this loud air from the pneumatic valves without disturbing the surroundings.

Subsequently, they suppress the sound of an exhausting air chamber and are helpful in securing the hearing health of the people around it.

The different types of pneumatic mufflers offered by Chinese manufacturers are discussed as follows:

1. Air Exhaust Muffler

These mufflers reduce the noise and velocity of moving particles in the vacuum chamber while eliminating the compressed air through the ports.

Typically, the working pressure for these mufflers is 125 psi.

2. Bronze Muffler Filter

Bronze mufflers are popular due to their compact design, ideal for limited and confined spaces.

Moreover, they are made of tough bronze material and can be easily cleaned with conventional solvents to produce a sterile environment.

The maximum operating pressure for these mufflers is 116psi.

Figure 4 Sintered Bronze Muffler FilterFigure 4 Sintered Bronze Muffler Filter

3. Air Muffler Filter

These types of mufflers are specifically designed for damp environments and produce highly refined filtration outcomes and helpful noise control.
Moreover, they are made up of 100% corrosion protection material making them eligible for tough conditions.

4. Compressed Air Muffler

Such types of mufflers are designed to adjust on the exhausting channel easily and regulate the extra flow capacity to a safer level that results in less noise generation.
Moreover, the working pressure for these mufflers is 145psi, making it useful to reduce the noises to an acceptable level.

5. Pneumatic Air Muffler

Pneumatic air mufflers are typically stainless steel to instantly remove clogs or blockage from the port.

Furthermore, they are efficient to be used in air valves and cylinders and promote the fluent flow speed of air.

Figure 5 Pneumatic Air Muffler

Figure 5 Pneumatic Air Muffler


Pneumatic mufflers manufactured by SHENGYE are highly efficient in reducing the noise and filtering the compressed air efficiently.

Moreover, these mufflers can be used for several pneumatic systems, like cylinders, silencers, ducts, valves, and many other applications.

Furthermore, the company ensures the supply of mufflers with easy installation and maintenance procedures.

Subsequently, they manufacture pneumatic mufflers with stainless steel and bronze to withstand harsh climatic and environmental conditions.

The pneumatic mufflers provided by them are useful in welding, chemical industries, and many other industrial and commercial applications.

Additionally, the company is equipped with highly qualified and skilled engineers who make sure to deliver high-quality products to the consumers at the most affordable rates.

The different materials can be used to manufacture pneumatic mufflers depending on their pressure resistance and other properties.

Some of the choices of material are discussed as follows:

1. Stainless Steel

One of the most common materials used for the pneumatic mufflers is stainless steel, popular for its high pressure, corrosion, and temperature resistance properties.

They are capable of performing efficiently and producing highly effective outcomes in harsh and tough environment compatibility.

Moreover, they are helpful in the food and pharmaceutical industries for long-lasting applications to offer an improved working environment.

However, they are a bit costly than other materials available.

Figure 6 Stainless Steel Pneumatic Muffler

Figure 6 Stainless Steel Pneumatic Muffler

2. Sintered Brass

The sintered brass is the most cost-effective and affordable material available for pneumatic mufflers.

Moreover, these mufflers are extensively used in neutral environments and show medium to low corrosion resistance for effective noise suppression.

3. Sintered Plastic

This is a low-cost and lightweight option for pneumatic sintered mufflers used to eliminate excessive noise levels.

Typically, they show high chemical and corrosion resistance in tough conditions and reduce the noise level to a significant level.

To select the pneumatic muffler according to the filtration capacity, it is necessary to consider the following factors:

  • Consider the amount of air you need to filter daily; if you require a larger amount, you must choose a muffler with high dirt holding capacity and a larger surface area.
  • The efficiency of a pneumatic muffler at low differentiable pressure range levels and should be capable of pressure equalization.
  • Analyze whether or not the muffler offers a stable and constant flow of air.
  • It is also important to examine whether it is easy to maintain and clean the muffler.
  • Pneumatic equipment must be easily accessible for regular cleaning processes.

Pneumatic muffler throttle valves are installed with the mufflers or silencers to adjust the airflow within the silencer.

Alternatively, this kind of pneumatic muffler is commonly known as Adjustable Pneumatic Mufflers or Silencers.

Moreover, it is a cost-effective way to control the flow of air and the exhaust airflow speed of the compressed air from the valve.

Subsequently, using this adjustable controlling system, you can control how quickly the system will be retracted or expand during the process.

The muffler or silencer is equipped with a movable knob to change the speed and adjust the flow rate control.

Furthermore, it plays a vital role in offering max flow capacity and larger flow rates from the entire filter surface to fit the application specifications.

The industrial standards for pneumatic mufflers have been introduced by the authorities and governments to maintain noise laws to ensure a healthy working atmosphere.

Typically, these standards are regulated to ensure a better environment for workers based on healthy noise levels and reduced toxic and harmful noise levels.

Primarily, the pneumatic mufflers are regulated from the following standards:

  • Restrictions of Hazardous Substances – 2002/EC.
  • Authorization, Evaluation, Registration, and Restriction of Chemical Usage.
  • EC Noise Directive.
  • Occupational Environmental and Health Controls.
  • Pressure Equipment Directive.

The common industrial applications of pneumatic mufflers are discussed as follows:

1. Fence Production Industries

Usually, the machines that produce fence rolls are often installed with pneumatic mufflers to cut fencing woven into rolls.

Moreover, the worker is constantly looking after the cutting operation to ensure the fences are cut according to application requirements.

To protect workers from noises created by the machines, pneumatic mufflers are installed in such machines to reduce their levels.

2. Robotics Sector

Robotics industries are popularly using pneumatics to operate the workload and movement of the equipment from one place to another.

For instance, a robotic arm uses a pneumatic muffler for switching on and off arm movement.

Commonly, the workers operate these robotic arms, so mufflers are necessary for them.

3. Packaging Sector

For the driving motion in the packaging sector of various manufacturing industries, pneumatic mufflers or silencers are used to reduce the noise levels.

Due to the high efficiency and speed of these machines, they are equipped with silencers to reduce their noise levels.

Yes, you have to clean the pneumatic mufflers regularly to maintain their efficiency and durability for more extended periods.

Moreover, it is essential to clean their threads and housing exterior before usage each time.

Usually, the dirt, harmful contaminants, and dust particles can cause contamination at exhaust ports and accumulate on the surface of the muffler resulting in the blockage or clogging of the surface.

Therefore, regular cleaning sessions will help prevent the potential damage to the muffler and decrease downtime during cleaning.

To choose a suitable sintered pneumatic muffler, it is important to look for reliable suppliers like SHENGYE.

They are known for manufacturing high-quality pneumatic mufflers at the most cost-effective prices to produce continuous operation.

Moreover, they manufacture different kinds and designs of pneumatic mufflers to ensure the client’s requirements are met properly.

Subsequently, the installation of tech-savvy machines and advanced technology enables them to manufacture mufflers with exact size and efficiency according to application needs.

BLUE provides good-quality pneumatic mufflers with strict inspection sessions and regular machine maintenance.

It enables them to manufacture pre-eminent quality products each time and maintain customer satisfaction by implementing their provided product details.

Moreover, the company always welcomes its clients to manufacture products according to their demands and is ready to manufacture customized products.

Subsequently, the company believes in generating acceptable noise levels for workers and providing a cost-effective and simple solution to many common applications.

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