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Porous metal components for commercial vehicles. BLUE various porous metal components that can withstand the high heats of engine temperatures. Porous sintered metal provides reliable filtration under these high heats to protect sensitive engine components. Additionally, BLUE manufactures porous metal sheets for fuel cells used in electric vehicles.

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Filtration and flow control components and systems for surgical equipment industries. Because BLUE works with many medical device manufacturers providing critical components and assemblies for filtration and flow control needs of surgical equipment. For applications such as laparoscopic surgery and other minimally invasive procedures.

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Process Sintered metal filters used for the production of agrochemicals. And BLUE process filters can withstand the most corrosive process conditions found in agrochemical manufacturing. Even Various alloys, such as monel, inconel, and hastelloy are available to achieve chemical compatibility with various feed streams. As a result these elements can last years in corrosive environments through proper maintenance and cleaning procedures.

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Porous products and flow chemistry products for filtration, mixing and particle retention of sample. Even for stationary phase and mobile phase constituents in liquid chromatography. So BLUE designs and manufactures filtration and flow control parts for the delivery of mobile phase. And contain sample in high pressure liquid chromatography instruments. From solvent inlet filters to the HPLC detector.

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Process filters and spargers for various hydrogenated oils. Most time BLUE process filters are ideal solutions for high temperature, corrosive processes. Such as hydrogenated oil manufacturing. In brief, Our porous metal elements can filter down to sub-micron levels. Even allowing for 99.9% capture of various catalysts such as nickel and palladium, resulting in positive ROI on your capital investment in less than one year. Additionally, porous metal spargers can be used for PH control in these processes.

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We often offer complete filtration technical solutions for Marine. The stainless steel sintered metal filter element is a widely used type of filter. Because it is made of stainless steel wire superimposed and vacuum sintering. What is more, the sintered metal filter element has good corrosion resistance, strong permeability. Also with high strength and filtering rating, and also the wire mesh is not easy to fall off.

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Porous products for sparging, aeration, agitation, filtration, and flow chemistry mixing. In addition, improve conditions for product yield, consistency, and purity at scale-up. Even for mott designs and manufactures sparging, mixing and filtrations veseels for bioprocessing to optimize environmental conditions for greater yield, product consistency, and purity. Beyond that BLUE products increase gas transfer efficiency for faster cell proliferation with lower gas consumption.

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The sintered brass filter serves as backplate for the speaker. And the com-mercially available item we used requires only sanding with fine sandpaper to remove the sharp edges. Because the normally textured surface provides the minute and rounded projections necessary for operation of the electrostatic speaker, Then after it is cleaned with 100 percent Ethylalcohol, it is placed with the smoothed side toward the diaphragm.

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Other Components

Such as Valves, regulators, and flow controllers require integrated filtration and flow to ensure proper operation over the life of the product. And Integrated porous components and assemblies are what we do. Furthermore Porous valve seats can be impregnated with oil for smooth operation. Or flow controllers can use porous metal laminar flow effects to reduce chatter. To prevent particulate damage of sensitive regulator components that can lead to sticking or leak by. More time we customize directly to your product requirements across a range of standard, corrosion resistant, and exotic alloys.

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