Several kinds of custom sintered metal filters

Several kinds of custom sintered metal filters


1. Wave-folding filter element with wave-shape filter. Main filter material use metal fiber sintering filter felt and metal woven wire mesh. Metal fiber sintering filter felt can range from thick to fine multi-layer structure. With high pore rate, high dirt capacity and etc. Not only metal woven wire mesh is made of stainless steel wire with different diameters. And the filter element is strong, not easy to fall off, easy to clean, resistant to high temperature, also with economical use. So its main features are ripples. Since the area increases several times, the dirt capacity is stronger (the pollution capacity is 16.9 to 41 mg/cm2). So high precision filtration (1-300 m) replace cycle will also increase.

2. Since sintered mesh filter is a multi-layer sintering net.  Because multi-layer sintering is a filter material with high strength and overall steel properties. Which is pressed by special plate and also sintered by vacuum. On the other hand the filter element work for its specialities not only strong rust resistance and good osmosis. But also high strength, easy cleaning and anti-cleaning, sanitary clean filter material, and no shedding of silk mesh.

Mainly It is used in high-temperature environment for various cooling materials. For gas distribution, liquid bed plate materials. Such as high-fine, high-temperature filtration materials. For high-pressure backwash oil filters. The filter range is 1-300um.

3. Sintered metal filter metal powder sintering filter is a selection of spout metal powder particles, sintered by special process. It has good osmosis filtration effect and high filtration accuracy. As well as a certain strength and toughness. Compared with paper, copper wire mesh and other fiber cloth made of filter performance. It is truth that it is better, and easy to separate and clean.

Material of sintered filter


Because its filter material mainly selecte stainless steel powder, bronze powder. Same with nickel powder, titanium powder. And high temperature alloy powder. Thus other filter materials can be special according to customer need. And its main feature is strong chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance. Which can be effective in a larger PH value range. Mechanical strength, and high filtration accuracy. Most of 0.1-100um filtration size can play a stable filtration effect, easy re-life, and strong life. Which result it do not act with tiny creatures.

As for high temperature resistance. Generally it can keep stable under 900 degrees C normal operation, without trace material falls off. Which does not form secondary pollution of the medium. The main filter gas, liquid, fuel oil, in petroleum, chemical, automotive, tractor, aircraft, shipbuilding industry widely use. But also a large number of pneumatic, hydraulic circuit filtration parts.

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