Prime Supplier of Sintered Brass Filter in China

BLUE is a prime supplier of sintered brass filters in China that combines the best quality and price to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. 

  • The sintered brass filter offers high temperature and high-pressure resistance with excellent permeability features.
  • We control the porosity of sintered brass filters ranging from 0.1 to 100 micrometers to ensure a smooth flow of liquids, semi-solids, and gases.
  • We manufacture sintered brass filters with accurate thickness, geometry, and flange sizes.
  • Our sintered brass filter offers a high filtration rate of up to 99.9% with excellent mechanical strength.

Supreme Manufacturer of Sintered Brass Filter in China

BLUE is a supreme manufacturer of sintered brass filters in China. The sintered brass filter is fabricated with high-tensile strength mesh wires to increase the surface area, reduce turbulence, and decrease noise production. 

Top-tier Producer of Sintered Brass Filter in China

BLUE is one of the top-tier producers of sintered brass filters in China. Our certified company has years of experience in manufacturing the best quality products at very nominal prices. Following are our high-demand sintered bass filter products:

The sintered brass filters have a stable pore size to ensure a smooth flow of liquid, gaseous, and semi-solid substances without producing noise.

The high-quality sintered brass filter is available in customized sizes and is simple to maintain to meet your industrial requirements.

The brass muffler is designed to reduce turbulence and noise production during high-performance filtration, extraction, and separation processes.

We manufacture brass sintered filters with B85 brass material to produce precision filtration with a low-pressure drop.

The sintered metal filter is relatively cheap and offers high filtration efficiencies to give a reliable performance without damaging materials.

We design sintered metal filters with high-quality raw materials to ensure dimensional tolerance, increase performance, and remove unwanted dust particles.

The high-performance sintered metal filter elements ensure unique performance characteristics to make it suitable for a highly challenging environment.

The salient features of sintered metal filter disc include 99% filtration efficiency, high volume strength, and low maintenance cost to achieve the desired results.

The sintered metal tubes are manufacture from single layer and multiple layer mesh wire work to fit even in difficult to approach areas.

The sintered metal disc offers excellent thermal & electrical conductivity, cleaning capabilities, and controlled flow rate to achieve a high degree of performance.

We choose excellent quality raw materials to manufacture sintered metal powder filters to fulfil the desired needs and ultra-efficient performance.

The porous metal filter is manufactured with controlled pore size to maintain efficient flow speed and reduce turbulence during the filtration process.

Why Choose Sintered Brass Filter From BLUE in China?

BLUE is a trusted supplier of sintered brass filters in China. Our manufacturing unit has the latest technology for producing first-class sintered brass filters under your designated budget. Our high-quality sintered brass filter supports multiple industrial applications to win the trust of our customers.

From the manufacturing process to the release of a shipment, every stage is closely monitored to deliver what we commit to our clients. All the shipments are delivered within 10 days of initial bookings.

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How Do We Produce Your Sintered Filter and Make Quality Control?

Raw Material Process 1

Raw Material

BLUE always insists on choosing a uniform powder of raw material to produce each of your sintered filters with great pore size, high tensile strength, and temperature stability.

Powder Filling Process 2

Powder Filling

Our ultra-efficient industrial tools closely monitor the powder filling process to convert sintered raw materials into the sintered filter at very affordable rates.

High Sintering Process 3

High Sintering

BLUE uses stainless steel and bronze materials for the high sintering process to solidify materials without passing them through liquefaction by applying heat and pressure.

Precision Machining Process 4

Precision Machining

We use a high-precision machining process for manufacturing sintered filter metal parts by using innovative techniques to meet precision filtration characteristics.

Size Inspection Process 5

Size Inspection

BLUE inspects all the sizes of the sintered filter by applying a pressure gauge and high-efficiency size monitoring pieces of equipment.

Filtration Test Process 6

Filtration Test

We perform a filtration test to check the sintered filter’s strength, shape, porosity, distribution rate, permeability, flow control, and filtration rate.

Parts Assembly Process 7

Parts Assembly

We only assemble sintered filter parts after passing through extensive quality assurance procedures to ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

Product Packing Process 8

Product Packing

BLUE pack all sintered filter products and accessories following international standard safety procedures to meet the criteria.

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A Reliable Supplier of Sintered Brass Filter in China


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Being reliable sintered brass filter suppliers in China, we use high sintering technology and incorporate innovative designs to meet our client’s expectations.

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Our company has experienced engineers who always focus on manufacturing premium quality sintered brass filter as per shared specifications of clients.

Powder Metal Parts Suppliers Factory 3

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We supply customized sintered brass filter in different pore sizes, shapes, geometry, and designs to make them suitable for multiple industrial applications.

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Our sintered brass filter is suitable for automobile, pharmaceutical, chemical, gas, scientific, and a variety of other industrial applications.

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The sintered brass filter works efficiently under high corrosive environments, high pressure, high temperature, and high acidic environments.

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The sintered brass filter is manufactured with accurately sized mesh wire to operate under a challenging industrial environment for filtration.

Can I Order Sintered Brass Filter From BLUE in China?

Yes, you can order sintered brass filter from BLUE in China. We offer a single-step procedure to place an order for the sintered brass filter. You can call or send us an email for placing an order.

However, we request our clients to share complete information about porosity, shape, geometry, thickness, and desired industrial application to manufacture the best quality sintered brass filter.

After a detailed analysis of your shared specifications, we design a custom-made strategy for your approval.

Once our customers approve it, we start working on your project. We inspect every single stage to maintain the quality of our products.

Moreover, we try to dispatch orders within 10 days of initial bookings.

The uniform pore size of the sintered brass filter is reliable for various filtration processes. Our sintered brass filter offers excellent chemical resistance to make it reliable for corrosive fluids, alkali environments, and reactive gases.

We always select economical raw materials that make sintered brass filters durable, easy to clean, simple to install, and maintenance-free.

Feel free to ask for more details about the sintered brass filter.

We love to answer your queries. Please visit BLUE for product and price-related questions. We will get back in no time.

Sintered Brass Filter – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are you looking to spend your money on metal filters that can withstand the higher temperature values?

Or are you thinking of integrating an efficient sintered filter in the filtration system that provides high chemical resistance and a better flow rate?

If these are your primary concerns, purchasing a sintered brass filter will not be wrong since it has a high mechanical strength.

After hours of research, our experts have collected some commonly asked questions about the sintered brass filter in the guide below.

So let’s get straight to the questions.

The sintered brass filter can be defined as the particular type of filter made with the highest quality of raw material called brass. The porous component is also made up of the same metal. 

They are mainly designed to withstand the higher values of temperature and pressure. This property is due to the solid particles as filter elements in it.

Besides these features, this porous metal filter is widely available with significant permeability features. It is because it comes with a uniform pore size and particle size. Thus, there’s no need to bother about the pressure drop. 

The premium quality of brass material is integrated into the filters with the help of the sintering process. The powder metallurgy technique is also implemented to add numerous brass particles to the filter.

In addition to this, the presence of uniquely distributed brass particles in the filters provides reliable air permeability for maintaining fluid pressure and flow. The stable pore size and corrosion resistance property are also present in it. 

Not only this, the high porosity in sintered brass filters seems like the best choice if you want to get the different types of fluids purified.

Unlike sintered copper filters or copper powder filters, the sintered brass filter stands out of the list due to its distinguishing product specifications.

The sintered product and porous material used in its manufacturing increase its durability. 

Figure 1 Uses of Sintered Brass FiltersFigure 1: Sintered Brass Filter


Sintered brass filters are made by converting the premium quality of brass metal into powdered form during the sintering method. The powder also contains a wide range of materials for better flow control.

Many methods can be implemented for the best production of sintered brass filters. These include chemical decomposition, atomization, and grinding.

When the brass metal is converted into powder, it is transferred into a die, making it more compact than before.

The primary purpose for pouring brass powder into the die is to attain enough coercion, thereby enhancing its ability to join together.

After this, the brass part of the sintered bass filter is subjected to the furnace, where it is exposed to higher values of temperature to combine the molecules of metal.

During the manufacturing of the sintered brass filter, sintering is the most crucial activity since it helps retain the characteristics of the filter without any alteration.

That’s why the majority of the manufacturers prefer producing versatile types of sintered brass filters through sintering.

The performance characteristics and pneumatic components are also considered while manufacturing the Sintered bronze filters. 

Domestic and industrial areas are the targeted applications of the sintered brass filters. The high permeability and reliability of the sintered brass filters make them a perfect option for filtration in the domestic industry.

Furthermore, sieving of fluids in many other industries can also be done with sintered brass filters. The reliable performance of the filters makes them perfect in every industry. They are also used to filter corrosive fluids. 

However, the bronzing powder manufactured during sintered brass filters is mainly used in the cosmetic industry.

Some other common areas where the sintered brass filter is used are given as under:

  • It is also used in dampening sound to make it suitable for different audible devices.
  • The transportation industry also uses sintered brass filters in the automotive and marine sectors.
  • The chemical industry also uses the highest quality of sintered brass filters for water filtration in the production of pharmaceuticals.
  • Many chemical products are also purified with the help of sintered brass filters.
  • The production of pneumatic cylinders is also associated with sintered brass filters.
  • It is also used in the domestic industry to cure the low-pressure drop in a wide variety of ways

It is known as the best alternative to inexpensive mufflers that have a minimum temperature range.

Figure 2 Sintered Brass Filters

Figure 2: Uses of Sintered Brass Filters

The machining process of sintered brass filters is related to using a custom-made die that increases the compactness of the filters to well-defined levels.

Not only this, the reliability for the machining of sintered brass filters is related to the extent of powder particles that adhere to the contact points.

The machining efficiency of sintered brass filters is also related to the strength of the metal powder when it is ejected from the die.

Thus, the greater the filter’s compactness, the more efficient the machining process of sintered brass filters will be.

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Unlike the muffler filter common materials are mainly used in the production of premium quality sintered brass filter:

  • Stainless steel
  • Bronze
  • Nickel-based alloy
  • Titanium
  • Stainless steel fiber felt
  • GKN sintered materials
  • Alloy powders

The integration of all these reliable materials in producing the sintered brass filter increases its working efficiency and durability.

Other than this, the use of reliable materials in sintered brass filters also increases the permeability of the filters to a greater extent.

The filtration accuracy of a sintered brass filter can range from 0.2 microns to about 1000 microns. It depends on the percentage breakdown of particles. Precious metals used in its construction also affect filtration accuracy. 

This filtration accuracy of the brass fuel filter is universal for all industrial applications, including domestic and industrial applications.

Another reason for the increased filtration accuracy is the high tensile strength that makes sintered brass filter perfect to work under harsh environmental conditions.

Not only this, the excellent permeability and working efficiency also add much more to the filtration accuracy of sintered brass filter.

You can check the highest filtration accuracy by contacting SHENGYE since it is one of the most reliable manufacturers out there in China. Filson sintered bronze filter is also available at their platform. 

Figure 3 Filtration Accuracy of Sintered Brass Filter

Figure 3 Filtration Accuracy of Sintered Brass Filter

The only significant difference between sintered bronze filters and sintered brass filters is the nature and types of alloys used in their construction.

Sintered bronze alloy comprises copper and tin material, whereas the sintered brass filter consists of copper and zinc metal alloys.

Thus, the difference like metal alloys integrated into their manufacturing adds much more to their features.

Other than this, their permeability and working efficiency also differ due to the change in the metal alloys of both these filters.

Regardless of versatile metal alloys present in them, they perform the same function of the filtration of fluids.

The time required to change the sintered brass metallic filters depends on the extent of damage done to the filter.

As a matter of factor, the sintered brass filter is regarded as one of the top filters out there in the filtration industry. It provides better performance as compared to other types of fuel filters. 

But you need to replace or change the filter after recurrent usage. It may demand a few hours, but we assure you that replacing or changing the sintered brass filter is necessary for better working.

You can approach a worthy manufacturer if you have decided to replace the sintered brass filter with a new one.

However, stainless steel metal filter requires more time to be replaced than other types of filters since they have a high average grain size. 

Figure 4 Change the Sintered Brass Filter

Figure 4 Change the Sintered Brass Filter

You can choose the suitable model and filtration accuracy of the sintered brass filter by keeping the following points in mind:

  • Make sure to know the extent of contamination in the fluid that you want to filter
  • Try to consider the dust removal capacity of the filter before choosing it
  • Choose the right model from different design configurations of the sintered brass filters
  • Try to select the model that is pretty easy to clean again and again
  • Don’t forget to consider the porosity of the sintered brass filter
  • Consider the retention ability while selecting the right model of the sintered brass filter
  • Try to figure out the pore size for a better filtration accuracy of the sintered brass filter
  • The type of metal alloys must be considered while choosing the right kind of sintered brass filter

You can replace the sintered brass filter by removing it from the filtration system.

You should replace the sintered brass filter when you get your hands on the highest quality of another sintered brass filter.

Try to integrate the new filter in place of the used filter with the help of the guide provided by the manufacturer.

You can also watch tutorials for a better replacement for the sintered brass filter.

Regardless of the brass deteriorates, there’s a potential need for the user to replace the sintered brass filter after a regular interval.

The primary purpose of replacing a sintered brass filter is to increase the working efficiency and pore efficiency.

The recurrent usage of the old sintered brass filter clogs the dust or dirt particles in the pores; thus, it needs to be replaced.

You can contact SHENGYE to get your hands on the best model or alternative of the sintered brass filter. They have been known for producing versatile filters for more than a decade now.

The primary purpose of cleaning almost all sintered brass filters is to increase the permeability of the filters to filter different types of contaminated liquids.

In addition to this, the user should clean the sintered brass filter repeatedly just to maintain the proper flow of fluid in the filters during their filtration.

In this way, the majority of the manufacturers suggest cleaning the different types of sintered brass filters after regular intervals to retain their permeability and working efficiency.

The recurrent filtration of contaminated fluids in sintered brass filters makes them clogged with heavy dust particles.

Thus, you must remove such materials from the sintered brass filters to get the demanded result.

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The average estimated price for a single sintered brass filter ranges from $2 to $5.

However, the price of different packs of sintered brass filters can vary according to the number of filters and the quality.

The customization of sintered brass filters can also alter the purchasing cost.

Thus, you can get your demanded sintered brass filter by contacting the support team of SHENGYE. They provide a wide range of filters at reasonable prices.

Figure 5 Price of Sintered Brass Filters

Figure 5 Price of Sintered Brass Filters

You can inspect the quality and working conditions of sintered brass filters by checking the following key points:

  • The filter must maintain the fluid flow through the filtration system
  • The sintered brass filter must withstand a wide range of high-temperature values
  • The sintered brass filter should work appropriately under high-pressure conditions
  • The filter must remove all contaminants from the fluid
  • The sintered brass filter must be available with a demanded working efficiency and filtration accuracy
  • Check whether the filter is properly installed or not
  • Check the recurrent clogging in the pores of the sintered brass filter
  • You can also check the pore size of the sintered brass filter while making sure about its quality

Figure 6 Quality of Sintered Brass Filters

Figure 6 Quality of Sintered Brass Filters

BLUE is considered as one of the top-rated sintered brass filter manufacturers out there in China because of the following reasons:

  • They use the premium quality of materials in the production of sintered brass filters
  • They offer a wide range of models to the customers to choose from
  • They provide almost all sintered brass filters at reasonable prices
  • They provide the best after-sales services to their customers
  • The customer support team of BLUE is available 24/7 to solve your problems

You can order the most reliable sintered brass filters from China by acting on the following steps:

  • Make sure to explore all options for the best manufacturers in China
  • Shortlist some manufacturers and observe their manufacturing process
  • Try to select one sintered brass filter manufacturers
  • Check the manufacturing process of the manufacturer
  • Look for the production experience of the manufacturer in the filter industry
  • Check the deals or discounts present on the manufacturer’s official website
  • Choose the suitable model that suits your applications
  • Get a quote for the chosen sintered brass filter
  • Now place your order at the manufacturer’s site

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