What is the difference between sintered mesh filter and sintered metal filter?

What is the sintered mesh filter?

Sintered mesh filter is mainly using multi-layer sintering network. And then multi-layer sintering is a special layer of pressure. Obviously the use of vacuum sintering with high mechanical strength and overall meshing of a filter material. The filter element made of it has the characteristics of not only strong rust resistance, good permeability, high strength, easy cleaning and back-cleaning. But also with precise filtration accuracy, sanitary clean filter material, and no shedding of silk mesh.

  • High strength: five layers of silk mesh sintering, with very high mechanical strength and pressure-resistant strength.
  • High accuracy: In fact the filtration granularity of 2 to 200um can play a uniform surface filtration performance.
  • Heat resistance: In general, can be used for continuous filtration from -200 degrees to 650 degrees.
  • Easy cleaning: cleaning is very simple due to the surface filtration results with excellent counter-current cleaning effect.

Mainly used in high temperature environment such as a dispersed cooling material, used in gas distribution. In addition, also with liquid bed plate material, high precision, high temperature filtration material, and high-pressure backwash oil filter;

What is the sintered metal filter?

Sintered metal filter is a selected ball metal powder, and sintered by a special process. Since it has good penetration performance and high filtration accuracy. As well as a certain strength and toughness. Of course, filter performance is superior to paper, copper wire mesh and other fiber cloths, etc., and easy to disassemble and clean as a result.

Apprantly, the filter material is mainly made of stainless steel powder, bronze powder, nickel powder, titanium powder. Even with high temperature alloy powder and other custom powders. Above all, its main feature is strong chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance. Now can be used in a larger PH value range. With high mechanical strength and high filtration accuracy. Therefore the filtration granularity of 0.1 to 100um can play a stable filtration performance, regeneration, strong life. And do not react with microorganisms. With High temperature resistance, generally can be kept below 900 degrees normal use. Even no microparticles fall off, do not form secondary pollution of the medium.

Because of the main filter gas, liquid and fuel oil. Now widely used in petroleum, chemical, automotive, food, medical, marine and other industries, but also a large number of pneumatic, more of hydraulic circuit and other filter components

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