What is sintered air filter?

Sintered air filter

  • Air filtration technology mainly use air filter separation method. By setting different type filters, remove the dust particles and tiny creasures in the air. Through the filter material to stop the dust particle capture. Which ensure the cleanliness requirements of the amount of air. The filter material is a finer diameter fiber. Which not only make the air flow pass smoothly, but also effectively collect dust.
  • Clean technology control filter dust is generally for 0.1—10 m of dust particles, small particle size. That contain solid particles and liquid particles Air clean control of the main bacteria and viruses. Because microorganisms are mainly attach to dust particles. Thus the effective control of dust particles in the air can also effectively control bacteria and viruses in the air. To do this, you must pass a particle filter of a block nature before you can filter it. Generally speaking, the filtration efficiency of ordinary high-efficiency filters to bacteria can reach 99.996%. So it can basically meet the filtration and refine requirements of biological clean rooms.

             Which can basically meet the filtration and clean requirements of biological clean rooms.

The filter layer captures particles mainly have 5 kinds of effects:

  • Intercept effect: when a particle of a particle size movements near the surface of the fiber. The distance from the center line to the surface of the fiber is less than the radius of the particle. and the dust particles intercepte by the filter fiber and deposited.
  • Inertia effect: When the particle mass is large or the speed is large, it is deposited on the fiber surface due to inertia.
  • Diffusion effect: particles of small particle size brown movement is strong and easy to collide on the fiber surface.
  • Gravity effect: When particles pass through the fiber layer, they are accumulational on the fiber due to gravity deposition.
  • Static effect: Fibers or particles may be charged, resulting in an electrostectrative effect that attracts particles and sucks them to the surface of the fiber.

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