What is sintered pneumatic muffler

Sintered Pneumatic muffler is a device used to reduce air infleatic or exhaust noise.

High quality pneumatic muffler can reduce the noise of pneumatic solenoid valve at work. In one aspect, muffler part is made from all copper. On the other hands, the muffler with thread is easy to install. Also it can also be suitable for all kinds of machines.

Most Penumatic mufflers have three type mullfer. Stainless steel muffler plastic muffler and muffler of copper. Widely use in electromagnetic valve or others area. Such as air cylinder can clean air and reduce noise. VPC SB series, SC, SD, SS muffler can also be effective to exhaust the throttling. Thread parameter can choose between 1/8 “to 1”. In the same time, it can also has custom special size as penumatic mufflers.

This product come from bronze powder with several specialities. For example high filtering, noise elimination efficiency, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and high tensile strength. Absoultely it is suitable for different working conditions, Such as a gas, liquid filter element.

Sintered Bronze Filter:


Since sintered bronze filter (powder metallurgy silencer filter/copper agglomerative filter core/bronze metallurgy microporous filter/copper powder filter) is from ball bronze powder selected by sintering. It has high filtration precision and good filtration performance. As well as a certain strength and toughness, which can keep its material properties at 300 high temperature. 

Small holes injection muffler design, The main reason is that small apertures can reduce the injection noise audible of the sound.

Under the condition of blocking injection. Changing the aperture of the nozzle not only reduce the noise power per unit area. But also push the center band of the sound pressure level towards 1 times band. In this way, the smaller aperture, the main components of the higher frequency band. When the center frequency above 8000 hz, human ear are insensitive to noise, thus can reduce subjective feeling noise of human ear. To keeping the flow under the condition of equal, also you can use a large number of holes instead of a big hole. Its function can not only reduce the sound source sound level, can also 

Eliminate the impact noise of injection.

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