What is sintered stainless steel filter?

Sintered Stainless Steel Filter

Sintered stainless steel filter born with good filtration performance in the beginning, That is 2-200um filtration particle size can play an average surface filtration performance. Also the main filter material using multi-layer stainless steel sintering mesh. And filtration accuracy of 0.5-200um. Also its form factor can be processed according to user requirements finally.

Since performance has a variety of different porosity (28%-50%), Pores (4u-160u) and filtration accuracy (0.2um-100um). Also with cross-sectional, high temperature resistance, anti-hot and cold besides anti-corrosion. Thus it is suitable for a variety of acids, alkalis and other corrosive media. Not only non-rust steel filter can withstand general acid and alkali and organic corrosion. Especially suitable for sulfur gas filtration. Even High strength, good toughness. that is suitable for high-pressure environments. Also weldable is for easy handling. Because the hole shape is stable and evenly distributed. Equally ensures the stability of filtration performance. Good regeneration performance as well. That is the filtration performance is restored by more than 90% after repeated cleaning and regeneration finally.

Main characteristics:

  • Good filtration performance. 2-200um filtration particle size can play an equal surface filtration performance.
  • Corrosion resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance, good wear resistance, and repeated flushing and long service life in the meantime.
  • Sintering stainless steel filter valve uniform, also filtration accuracy.
  • Sintered stainless steel filter unit area of large flow.
  • Sintered stainless steel filter suitable for low temperature, high temperature environment. Even after cleaning it can be used again, no replacement.

Application Scope:

Petrochemical, oil pipeline filtration; fuel filtration of refueling equipment, construction machinery and equipment; filtration of equipment in the water treatment industry; 7 pharmaceutical and food processing fields; Rated flow 80-200l/min working pressure 1.5-2.5pa filter area (m2) 0.01-0.20 filter accuracy (m) 2-200 m filter stainless steel woven mesh stainless steel punch mesh for heavy oil combustion system front-stage dewatering. There can also be used for chemical liquid filtration, precision 100um. And filters material is stainless steel round micro-hole mesh. Suitable for the electronics, petroleum, chemical, pharmacy, also with food and other industrial sectors in the pre-treatment and reprocessing systems. Meanwhile the water quality with low suspended impurities (less than 2 to 5 mg/L) is further purified.

Test Standard:

  • Anti-crack filters verification by ISO 2941
  • Structural of filter integrity by ISO 2943
  • Compatible Filter verification by ISO 2943
  • Characteristics of filter by ISO 4572
  • Filter pressure differential features by ISO 3968
  • Flow-pressure differential characteristics test according to ISO 3968

Related Introduction:

Since filter is a professional term for the filtration industry. In order to purify the original resources and resources reuse. Even the need for purification equipment. Now the filter is now mainly used in oil filtration, air filtration, water filtration and other filtration industries. In addition to liquid or a small amount of solid particles in the air also. that can protect the normal operation of the equipment or clean air in the same way. When the fluid enters a filter with a certain size filter. Obviously its impurities are blocked, and clean flow through the filter again and again.  

Now the Wolfman Liquid Filter makes the liquid (including oil, water, etc.) clean the contaminated liquid to the state required for production and life, i.e. to achieve a certain degree of cleanliness.  

The air filter makes the polluted air clean to the state required for production and life, that is, to achieve a certain degree of cleanliness of the air.

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