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Porous stainless steel discs have superior resistance to high temperature, high pressure, and corrosion. BLUE offers high-quality products for various industries at competitive prices. Our porous stainless steel discs are widely used in the filtration process in many industries. 

  • Porous stainless steel discs are used widely in the micro-filtration of gases & liquids.
  • For creating closed-end filters, powder metallurgy technology is used.
  • Porous stainless steel discs have high porosity, suitable powder size, and densities.
  • They have strong metals with great tensile and mechanical strength.

The Most Reputed Porous Stainless Steel Disc Manufacturer

Porous stainless steel discs use the metal powder by sintering at high temperatures and forming a rigid structure. We have specialized in the production of porous stainless steel discs. Our products are used in various applications, including aviation, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, food and beverage, and many others.

BLUE – Biggest Porous Stainless Steel Disc Supplier

BLUE is a renowned organization with 10 years of experience in manufacturing stainless steel discs and sintered bronze filters, the main material includes 304, 316, CuSn8, and CuSn10.

Stainless steel discs have high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, and oxidation resistance. They provide high filtration precision.

Porous discs are composed of bonded grains of glass. They have wide applications in analytical and liquid filtration in high purity applications.

Stainless steel disc filter provide reliable filtration protection and offer a compact filter element. They have tabular and pleated shapes.

Sintered metal filter disc is made from sintered wire through laser cutting & done by the fusion bonds in the vacuum environment at high temperatures.

The sintered disc provides a compact filter element for reliable filtration protection. They have flat, pleated, or sintered versions.

Sintered disk, also known as a frittered disk, is made from small particles of glass that are fuse together to form a rigid and porous structure.

Sintered filter disc can be shapes into round, oval, rectangular, and others. They provide excellent resistance to abrasion, corrosion, and alkali.

There are various mediums of a sintered metal disc, including woven wire mesh, sintered wire mesh, sintered metal powder, and sintered metal fiber.

Porous filter disc varies in porosity according to the grades from 0 to 5. It provides ultra-fine filtration for the treatment of various biological solutions.

The bronze disc is sintered with closely controlled particle size. It provides high porosity to suit many applications like pneumatic exhaust mufflers.

316 stainless steel discs are relatively less frequent as compared to other discs. They offer an even higher level of corrosion resistance.

Sintered disc filter is made of SS304, SS316L, or SS904 sintered mesh. It consists of  5-7 layers of meshes and offers high strength and reliability.

Why Choose BLUE Porous Stainless Steel Disc in China?

BLUE is a registered manufacturer that supplies premium-quality porous stainless steel discs all over the world.

Our Porous stainless steel discs are made by the compaction of powder in a rigid tool, and then it is sintered. The pore size can be adjusted by changing compaction pressure.

At our company, a wide variety of porous stainless steel discs are available. You can also request the changes or specify your requirements. Our company has the latest production and testing equipment

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How Do We Produce Your Porous Stainless Steel Disc and Make Quality Control?

Raw Material Process 1

Raw Material

BLUE always insists on choosing a uniform powder of raw material to produce each of your sintered filters with great pore size, high tensile strength, and temperature stability.

Powder Filling Process 2

Powder Filling

Our ultra-efficient industrial tools closely monitor the powder filling process to convert sintered raw materials into the sintered filter at very affordable rates.

High Sintering Process 3

High Sintering

BLUE use stainless steel and bronze materials for the high sintering process to solidify materials without passing them through liquefaction using high pressure and temperature.

Precision Machining Process 4

Precision Machining

We use a high-precision machining process for manufacturing sintered filter metal parts by using innovative techniques to meet precision filtration characteristics.

Size Inspection Process 5

Size Inspection

BLUE inspects all the sizes of the sintered filter by applying a pressure gauge and high-efficiency size monitoring pieces of equipment in order to meet client expectations.

Filtration Test Process 6

Filtration Test

We perform a filtration test to check the sintered filter’s strength, shape, porosity, distribution rate, permeability, flow control, and filtration rate before delivering to our customers.

Parts Assembly Process 7

Parts Assembly

In order to meet standards we only assemble sintered filter parts after passing through extensive quality assurance procedures to ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

Product Packing Process 8

Product Packing

BLUE pack all sintered filter products and accessories following international standard safety procedures to meet international criteria.

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BLUE - Most Trusted And Reliable Manufacturer

Our porous stainless steel discs are widely used in the filtration process in many industries. They provide an excellent solution for gas and liquid separation, or oil filtrations.

At BLUE, we produce custom porous stainless steel discs according to the customer’s preference. Our discs are sintered by metal powder with interconnected densities ranging from 35% to 75%.

We supply high-quality porous stainless steel discs that come in different geometric shapes and porosity. We also design the custom shapes as per client requirements.

We have efficient and latest tools to monitor the powder filling process conversion to sintered raw materials at very affordable rates. We have the latest production and testing equipment.

BLUE manufactures high-precision porous stainless steel discs to facilitate the flow of materials throughout the filtration process. We use powder metallurgy technology for close end filters.

BLUE is a professional high-tech company of porous stainless steel discs and other filtration materials. We have advanced production equipment and large-scale production capacity.

Customize Your Porous Stainless Steel Disc from BLUE

BLUE has been designing and manufacturing high-quality porous stainless steel discs for two decades.

Our Porous stainless steel discs are made up of various materials for fitting your different applications. We comply with international quality standards and make sure to inspect the products before shipment.

They have 316L stainless steel per default. The other materials are 304L/Inconel 600 while you can also choose bronze, nickel, and others. . They have a thickness of 0.6 to 10mm and a pore size of 100um.

Our professionals will customize the design if you want to enhance the mechanical strength of the porous stainless steel discs.

Our products are used in various applications, including aviation, pharmaceutical, chemical,  metallurgy, food and beverage, and many others.

We have a good reputation for providing intimate service, and competitive prices. You can visit our website and contact us through email, or you can contact us directly through call in case of any queries.

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