No 1 Provider of Sintered Filter Disc in China

BLUE is the no 1 provider of sintered filter disc in China. Compared to other sintered filter disc, our products have more advantages in terms of durability, maintenance, reliability, and ease of use. If you need a longer shelf life sintered filter disc, BLUE is the best option.

  • We use stainless steel, brass, and bronze materials for the manufacturing of sintered filter disc.
  • The sintered filter disc can withstand temperature up to 650C, high pressure up to 5 Bar, and corrosive environment.
  • The average pore size of sintered filter disc ranges from 0.5 to 400 microns.
  • The high strength sintered filter disc provides excellent performance, high compressive strength, and high mechanical strength.

Reliable Manufacturer of Sintered Filter Disc in China

BLUE is a reliable manufacturer of sintered filter disc in China. We have a team of highly experienced engineers, supply chain managers, and communication officers to meet the requirements of our clients. 

Trusted Sellers of High-Quality Sintered Filter Disc in China

BLUE is an authorized seller of high-quality sintered filter discs in China. Here is a list of top-selling sintered filter disc products:

The high-quality sintered discs are ideal for refinery, pharmaceutical, chemical, gas & bearing, food & beverages, automobile, and other industrial units.

The sintered disc filter is manufactured by using high sintering technology that ensures to meet the provided specifications of clients.

The bronze disc is compatible with challenging industrial environments, including high temperature, high pressure, and high chemical conditions.

The single layer and multiple layer bronze discs have excellent porosity levels to maintain an efficient flow of materials.

The sintered metal filter disc is easy to clean, easy to maintain, and easy to install for multiple industrial applications.

We use 316 stainless steel discs to reduce turbulence and noise production during the efficient flow of liquid, gaseous, and semi-solid materials.

The stainless steel disc filter offers excellent air permeability and high tensile strength to ensure the efficient flow of materials.

We design sintered metal disc as per the shared specifications of our clients to maintain an efficient flow of ingredients without compromising on distribution rate.

The porous filter disc has the accurate distribution of pores to flow liquids, gases, and semi-solid substances efficiently.

The porous stainless steel discs have advantages over traditional filter discs because it is more reliable for challenging industrial applications.

The porous metal disc comprises multiple layers of stainless steel, brass, and bronze material to offer a wide range of filtration accuracy.

The porous discs are designed to meet extreme high and extremely low-temperature variations ranging from -200C to 650C for industrial applications.

Why Choose Sintered Filter Disc From BLUE in China?

BLUE is one of the certified producers of sintered filters in China.

Our metallurgy company has years of industry-specific experience in manufacturing the best quality sintered filter disc. Our engineers choose excellent quality raw materials for the production of sintered filter disc.

Our high sintering tools convert raw materials into desired size, geometry, meshwork, porosity, and thickness to meet your industrial requirements.

Furthermore, we offer customization services to our customers across the globe.

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How Do We Produce Your Sintered Filter and Make Quality Control?

Raw Material Process 1

Raw Material

BLUE always insist on choosing uniform powder of raw material to produce each of your sintered filter with great pore size, high tensile strength and temperature stability.

Powder Filling Process 2

Powder Filling

Our ultra-efficient industrial tools closely monitor the powder filling process to convert sintered raw materials into the sintered filter at very affordable rates.

High Sintering Process 3

High Sintering

BLUE use stainless steel and bronze materials for the high sintering process to solidify materials without passing them through liquefaction by applying heat and pressure.

Precision Machining Process 4

Precision Machining

We use a high-precision machining process for manufacturing sintered filter metal parts by using innovative techniques to meet precision filtration characteristics.

Size Inspection Process 5

Size Inspection

BLUE inspect all the sizes of the sintered filter by applying pressure gauge and high-efficiency size monitoring pieces of equipment.

Filtration Test Process 6

Filtration Test

We perform a filtration test to check the sintered filter’s strength, shape, porosity, distribution rate, permeability, flow control, and filtration rate.

Parts Assembly Process 7

Parts Assembly

We only assemble sintered filter parts after passing through extensive quality assurance procedures to ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

Product Packing Process 8

Product Packing

BLUE pack all sintered filter products and accessories following international standard safety procedures to meet the criteria.

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Best Producer of Sintered Filter Disc in China


Powder Metal Suppliers

Our metallurgy company supplies the best quality sintered filter disc available in a wide range of materials and dimensions.

Powder Metallurgy Company Factory 2

Powder Metallurgy Company

Our sintered filter disc offers excellent filtration performance under a challenging industrial environment.

Powder Metal Parts Suppliers Factory 3

Powder Metal Parts Suppliers

We supply sintered filter disc with accurately controlled porosity, geometry, and thickness to meet your industrial requirements.

Stainless Steel Filter Manufacturers Factory 5

Sintered Metal Filters Suppliers

Our manufacturers follow international manufacturing standards to design durable, reliable, and high-quality sintered filter disc.

Sintered Bronze Filter Manufacturers Factory 6

Stainless Steel Filter Manufacturers

We choose reliable raw materials to create exact dimensions and high filtration capacity at very affordable rates.

Sintered Metal Filters Suppliers Factory 4

Sintered Bronze Filter Manufacturers

Our manufacturing unit is equipped with high sintering technology for the production of industry-specific sintered filter disc.

How to Order Customized Sintered Filter Disc From BLUE in China?

BLUE offers a reliable procedure to order customized sintered filter discs in China. First, visit our website to discover a wide range of sintered filter discs.

Then, choose the right sintered filter disc suitable for your project. Moreover, our experienced engineers also help select the best quality sintered filter disc for your industrial applications.

We encourage the customers to share their requirements about porosity level, density, thickness, geometry, and shape of sintered filter disc. We design a customized plan for your project.

Additionally, we start working on your project after receiving approval from our clients. Our quality assurance team members perform quality tests to ensure the best quality sintered filter disc.

We have introduced a full range of sintered filter discs in the desired porosity level, thickness, diameter, meshwork, and geometry.

The sintered filter disc optimizes the flow of liquids, gases, and semi-solid materials by producing little turbulence and noise production.

Do not hesitate to ask your queries from our experts. We love to solve the problems of our clients by offering a custom-made solution.

Sintered Filter Disc - Ultimate FAQs Guide

Are you looking for the right sintered filter disc for your equipment? Finding it difficult to search for the right manufacturer?

We have got a solution!

Continue reading till the end to know every detail about sintered filter discs, what qualities to look for, and how to find the right suppliers.

So, let get started.

Sintered disc filter comprises multi-layers of filters fitted in such a manner to function perfectly for drying, filtering, cleaning, and washing.

Moreover, these multi-layers are accompanied by the overlapping of vacuum sintering furnaces to ensure a compact design at high temperatures.

Subsequently, the sintered filter disc possesses accurate filter ratings, high strength, durability, and high working efficiency even on repeated usage and cleaning.

Primarily, the major benefit of sintering over filter disc is maintaining the porosity, micron rating, hole size, and filter disc.

The multi-layers of sintering provide rigidity and strength to the unit that helps use the filter discs in different applications.

Many sizes and designs are available for sintered disc filters like an oval, fan-shaped, round, or square-shaped disc to serve a wide range of industries.

Consequently, they are broadly used in various applications such as chemical fiber, energy, aviation, security, medicine, environmental protection, electricity industry, etc.

Figure 1 Sintered Filter Disc

Figure 1 Sintered Filter Disc

Sintered disc filters work on a basic and simple mechanism that doesn’t require any complicated requirements.

Initially, the process starts with fluid flow from the filter inlet to the fuel filtration chamber, interacting with the sintered filter.

Due to the action spring force, the filter elements & media is pressed through lamination tightly and firmly to ensure the process is completed efficiently and particles pass through the filter.

In the lamination, the larger particles are trapped and prohibited from passing through it, resulting in the allowance of defined particle size from the filter disc.

Thus, a clean and refined liquid can be collected from the filter’s discharge channel.

Figure 2 Sintered Filter Disc Works

Figure 2 Sintered Filter Disc Works

Applications of sintered disc filters include many of those applications that require the high and continuous filtration level of corrosive liquids.

Moreover, these filter discs can also be helpful for catalyst recovery and steam processing operations.

Due to their super-fast filtration efficiency of gaseous, lubricated, and non-lubricated liquids and partial solids, many industrialists widely use it.

Some of the major uses filter discs are used extensively in the following industries:

  • Food and Beverage Industry.
  • Plastic Industry.
  • Automotive Industry.
  • Environmental Industry (for nitrogen hydrogen filtration)
  • Petrochemical Industry (for crude oil sand filtration)
  • Chemical Industry.
  • Aviation Industry.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • Nuclear Manufacturing Industry.

Figure 3 Applications of Sintered Filter Disc

Figure 3 Applications of Sintered Filter Discs

The different types of sintered disc filters are discussed as follows:

·         Sintered Plastic Filter Discs

Sintered plastics are semi-solid and porous materials incorporated with the sintered and polymers like polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), polypropylene (PP), and polyethylene (PE).

The product formed by the sintering of these materials is a solid consisting of thousands of pores connected with each other.

Consequently, the connectivity of pores shows that the fluid is permeable within the pores, and it can be adjusted by customizing pore size and numbers.

The adjustment of range of thicknesses, range of micron rating, and maintaining the steady filtration rate makes them high capacity filter.

Such types of powder filter discs are widely used for venting, wicking, diffusing mechanism, and actual filtration depending on the need and nature of the material to be filtered.


The plastic sintered filter precision discs are used in self-sealing valves for caps and closures, vehicle batteries, and medical devices.

Moreover, they are also helpful for fluid filtration and clarification of drugs, chemicals, and blood separation.

They are helpful for the fluid transportation of marking systems, applicators, printers, and more.

Figure 4 Plastic Sintered Filter Disc

Figure 4 Plastic Sintered Filter Discs

·         Sintered Powdered Filter Discs

Sintered powdered filter discs are broadly used for the in-depth and accurate filtration of media by trapping the particles within its structure.

Moreover, it utilizes the Tiny spheres of metals heated, compressed, and bonded together to make a solid powdered filter with enhanced shear resistance.

Plus, it can possess high-pressure resistance, tolerance of corrosive environment, and at elevated temperatures, making it an ideal choice for many industrial applications.

Subsequently, the pressing is done in such a manner to ensure the required micron size in the filter disc, which is the criteria for the identification of filter efficiency.


Typically, the powdered sintered discs are helpful in the following industries:

  • Pharmaceutical Industries.
  • Oil Refineries.
  • Petroleum Products. 
  • Paint Industry.
  • Automobile Industry.
  • Chemical Industry.
  • Biomedical Industry and so on.

Figure 5 Powdered Sintered Filter Discs

Figure 5 Powdered Sintered Discs





The features of sintered filter discs mainly include their highly precise capability and great dirt holding capacity, making it a suitable choice of many industries.

With large pores and increased pore size, these filter discs have enough surface area to efficiently capture contaminants, dirt, dust particles, and grease particles.

Moreover, it maintains a consistent flow requirement of materials throughout the process to ensure satisfactory and high-performance outcomes.

Furthermore, the sintered filter discs can withstand elevated hot and cold temperatures ranging from -200°C to 600°C, making it helpful for the filtration of a wide variety of fluid. 

These sintered discs are famous for their high strength, durability, large dust holding capacity,  high permeability characteristics, and great rigidity against various chemicals and compounds.

Typically, they show great resistance against corrosion, acids, and alkali resistance with a working pressure of upto 3000psi.

Therefore, resulting in finer filtration outcomes making it a better choice for filtration of chemical sector.

While selecting a sintered disc filter, it is necessary to consider the following aspects to manufacture the right product according to your requirements.

Various grades of stainless steel such as 316L, 316, 304, and 304L are used to manufacture sintered filter discs.

Consider the supplier or manufacturer that fits your needs and shows the precise particle efficiency at variable accuracy levels to ensure maximum productivity.

Moreover, select the stainless steel filter disc that can withstand elevated temperatures of approximately 1000 degrees centigrade.

Subsequently, it is also essential to consider whether your selected sintered disc has great rigidity in multiple layerings to enhance mechanical and structural strength.

Most importantly, the right selection for the sintered disc must have a longer lifespan and the ability to be used repeatedly after several times washing and backwashing.

Lastly, the right sintered disc would be the one that increases the flow of liquid with low-pressure drop and great high-quality filtration accuracy.

The manufacturing process of sintered disc filter involves the three simple steps that are described as follows:

1.    Selection of the Right Material

To manufacture high-quality and durable sintered disc filters, it is better to purchase raw materials from authentic suppliers.

You need to order the right powdered metal from a genuine manufacturer to ensure the production of a high-performance sintered filter disc.

Moreover, if you are unsure about the raw material, make the metal powder personally by chemical decomposition, grinding, or atomization.

Or else, it is also a clever idea to mix any two different metals to get the desired properties in the sintered filter discs.

For the long-run and ultra-fine filtration processes, the ideal powder would retain its chemical and physical properties for more extended periods.

2.    Shape and Design

Another important step is to select the right design and shape of the sintered filter discs, which decides how to pour the metal powder into the die-cast.

Depending on the shape and design, the metal powder is injected into the die-casting under extremely high pressure and considerable temperature.

Subsequently, the pressure applied on metal powder depends on the material nature as every metal has different melting points.

The process of applying pressure is continued unless the metal solidifies itself and adopts the shape of the die-cast.

3.    Rising the Temperature

When the metal is solidified, it is removed from the die and placed on the furnace to further heat.

At this stage, the low-temperature applications to the metal to let its particles fuse without melting, leading to a rigid and porous sintered filter disc.

Figure 6 Sintered Filter Disc Manufacturing

Figure 6 Sintered Filter Disc Manufacturing



Yes, all sintered disc filters are anti-corrosive and are manufactured to possess high heat resistance properties.

The major benefit of using the sintered discs is that they are effective under moisture and chemically corrosive and harsh environments.

Moreover, these discs can be used under harsh acids and bases and corrosive liquid without worrying about corrosion or any other potential damages.

Therefore, these sintered filter discs are extensively used in multiple industrial applications for the gases and liquid process of filtration.

Amongst all the metals used in the sintered filter discs, the stainless steel disc filters with grades 316 and 304 are popular for the highest resistance to corrosion properties.

They show excellent filtration performance and efficient filtration results for a longer run. 

You can clean a sintered disc filter by implementing various processes, some of them are listed below:

1.    By Detergent

One of the simplest methods of washing sintered disc is to soak and flush them.

All you need to do is make a detergent solution, soak the disc in it unless the dirt particles are loosened, and wash it afterward to get a clean, sintered disc.

2.    Furnace Cleaning

Another method of cleaning discs by using the furnace cleaning method, involving the biological solutions and compounds to get the dirt out of the discs.

Usually, this method is helpful for the removal of polymer particles from the discs.

3.    Circulation Flow

You can also clean a filter by a circulation flow method.

The process involves the flow of cleaning solution with a pump to create pressure and pass through the filter to ensure in-depth removal of particles.

4.    Ultrasonic Bath

Ultrasonic cleaning is also a very effective technique to clean the filter discs that use ultrasonic waves to eliminate the dirt and dust particles from the disc surface.

5.    Hydroblasting

Sometimes, the dust and contaminants are stuck so badly that they need to be removed using the hydro blasting technique.

It involves the high-pressure water jet to rescue the dirt particles from the filter disc without any problem.

To choose the right manufacturer of sintered disc filters, it is important to go for certified suppliers in China like SHENGYE.

They manufacture premium quality sintered disc filters to achieve a quick and reliable level of filtration of gases and liquids.

Moreover, they offer the production of sintered discs with monolayer and multi-layers for powerful mechanical strength.

Subsequently, the products provided by the company possess low-pressure drops during the process while serving in industrial-grade materials.

The company ensures the production of sintered filter discs with high precision capacity over variable accuracy levels accompanied by large average pore size to capture maximum dirt.

The installation processes of sintered disc filters are not complicated or challenging unless you follow a series of steps to ensure successful installation.

Firstly, you must have the checklist beforehand to ensure you have all the tools and equipment required for installing the disc.

Once you are sure about it, follow these steps below:

Step 1:

Open the main casing of the filter housing to get access to the filter disc inside it.

Step 2:

Set the holding clamp free to hold the filter disc.

Step 3:

Pull out the tightening cylinder from the housing filter unit.

Step 4:

Now, install the new filter disc in it.

Step 5:

Return the cylinder to its initial position and tighten the clamp again to grasp your disc firmly.

Yes, you can get customized manufacturing of sintered disc filters if you contact China’s efficient and reliable manufacturers.

Many manufacturers like SHENGYE have years of experience in facilitating their customers with the best quality and customized sintered filter discs.

Moreover, they have thousands of happy customers worldwide due to their expert services at affordable rates.

They ensure the filter discs with measured porosity, design, shape, size, and powder filter to achieve the desired outcomes in the products.

Subsequently, they are famous for producing durable, reliable, cost-effective, and low maintenance discs across the world.

Figure 7 Customized Sintered Filter Disc

Figure 7 Customized Sintered Filter Discs

BLUE is the preferred manufacturer of sintered disc filters due to their trusted quality of sintered discs at affordable rates globally.

Moreover, their products consist of high mechanical strength, the ability to withstand high temperatures, corrosion resistance, and high-pressure tolerance.

Consequently, the sintered filter discs designed by the company are capable of delivering the finest outcomes by filtrating semi-solids, liquids, and gaseous substances.

The sintered filter discs manufactured by them consists of high dust removing ability and steady air permeability among the pores, making it helpful for many applications.

They are committed to delivering the products with the strict maintenance of quality standards ISO manufacturing criteria with the stamping facility and customization of products.

Furthermore, their team of scientists is constantly working on various special apparatus to manufacture sintered discs with washable regeneration and resistance to wide temperature range.

You can order a sintered disc filter from China from any reliable and trustable supplier to get the right product.

Visit the online supplier website, and contact technical service about their products and analyze their customer services.

Inspect what kind of sintered filter disc materials they are offering and brief them on your application requirements and examine whether their materials fit your requirements.

If you are ordering from SHENGYE, fill out their online form and get an instant valid quotation about the services.

Alternatively, you can talk to their representative and ask about any query you have.

Once you are completely satisfied with their services, you can place an order, and it will be delivered to you in the minimum time possible.

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