A Reliable Noise Reduction Device of Sintered Bronze Silencer

The sintered bronze silencer reduces noise production from pneumatic equipment under high operating pressure. SHNGYE offers a wide variety of high-quality and affordable sintered bronze silencer to meet your industrial requirements.

  • The sintered bronze filter can resist high operating temperatures upto +300C.
  • The sintered bronze filter works greatly under high operating pressure up to 10 bars.
  • The sintered bronze filter is efficient, and highly reliable for reducing noise production.
  • Our sintered bronze filter is suitable for noise reduction in compressed air.

We Manufacture Standardized Sintered Bronze Silencer Elements

The sintered bronze silencer offers the best sound deadening qualities from exhaust valves, air tools, and cylinders. It reduces the inlet and exhaust noise production rate. All products are coated with anti-oxidizing, anti-corrosive, thermostable materials to increases their durability. 

Number 1 Supplier Of Sintered Bronze Silencer In China

BLUE is a name of trust and satisfaction for ordering world-class sintered bronze silencer elements at the best price. Here is a list of our hot-selling sintered bronze silencer products. The sintered bronze silencer elements are available in multiple porosity levels ranging from 5 microns to 40 microns. 

The pneumatic muffler silencer is designed to reduce turbulence and noise production from pneumatic equipment.

The air muffler silencer is suitable for installing air valves, manifolds, cylinders, and fittings for efficient air or liquid flow.

The sir silencer muffler reduces air exhaust noise and avoids deformation issues under critical working conditions.

The sintered bronze silencer is ideal for automobile, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries and scientific applications

The pneumatic silencer muffler is safe and noise-free to vent pressure air into the atmosphere and available in numerous styles and sizes.

The sintered silencer has an accurate porosity level, geometry, and filtration capacity to make it reliable for multiple industrial applications.

We use 48B standard materials to manufacture high-quality bronze silencers to ensure 100% satisfaction for our clients.

The silencer filter offers dual functions of noise reduction and filtration from the inlet of compressors, valves, cylinders, and blow

The pneumatic silencers are ideal for pneumatic equipment to reduce noise production and turbulence in the manufacturing unit.

The sintered bronze muffler creates a vacuum in the air passageways to maintain a smooth flow of air or liquids with zero noise production.

The sintered muffler is suitable for challenging environments, including high temperature, high pressure, corrosive, and acidic conditions.

Our brass muffler is an industrial-grade soundproof material for air compressors, blowers, boilers, generators, pumps, and exhaust ports.

Why Choose Sintered Bronze Silencer For Pneumatic Equipment?

BLUE has established trust in its customers by providing high-quality sintered bronze silencer elements at competitive market rates.

We deliver what we claim. All the products are passed through a variety of quality tests to maintain our standards.

The use of high sintering technology and state-of-the-art machinery makes us prominent distributors of sintered bronze silencer products in China.

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World-Class Distributor Of Sintered Bronze Silencer In China

Raw Material Process 1

Powder Metal Suppliers

Being a trusted supplier of a sintered bronze silencer in China, we are committed to manufacturing the top quality products at competitive market rates.

Powder Filling Process 2

Powder Metallurgy Company

Our metallurgy company is equipped with the latest technology and tools to produce the ultra-efficient sintered bronze silencer.

High Sintering Process 3

Powder Metal Parts Suppliers

Our sintered bronze silencer elements can bear high temperature, pressure, corrosive environment, and oxidizing conditions.

Precision Machining Process 4

Sintered Metal Filters Suppliers

We use a high-precision machining process for manufacturing sintered filter metal parts by using innovative techniques to meet precision filtration characteristics.

Size Inspection Process 5

Size Inspection

BLUE inspects all the sizes of the sintered filter by applying a pressure gauge and high-efficiency size monitoring pieces of equipment.

Filtration Test Process 6

Filtration Test

We perform a filtration test to check the sintered filter’s strength, shape, porosity, distribution rate, permeability, flow control, and filtration rate.

Parts Assembly Process 7

Parts Assembly

We only assemble sintered filter parts after passing through extensive quality assurance procedures to ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

Product Packing Process 8

Product Packing

BLUE pack all sintered filter products and accessories following international standard safety procedures to meet the criteria.

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World-Class Distributor Of Sintered Bronze Silencer In China

Being a trusted supplier of a sintered bronze silencer in China, we are committed to manufacturing the top quality products at competitive market rates through a variety of quality tests.

Our metallurgy company is equipped with the latest technology and tools to produce the ultra-efficient sintered bronze silencer. We follow IS0 9001: 2015 quality standards for best results.

Our sintered bronze silencer elements can bear high temperature, pressure, corrosive environment, and oxidizing conditions. All products pass the quality tests to maintain standards.

The sintered bronze silencer is super reliable for noise reduction from multiple industrial-grade pneumatic types of equipment. We use high sintering technology and state-of-the-art machinery

We use high sintering technology for the production of sintered bronze silencer elements at cost-effective rates than competitors. We also offer customized products as per client needs.

The sintered bronze silencer is easy to clean, easy to install, easy to maintain, and affordable for all kinds of industrial applications. We deliver the products what we claim.

Get Tailor-Made Sintered Bronze Silencer From BLUE

Yes, you can order sintered bronze silencers from BLUE in China. We hold the expertise, technology, and production capacity for manufacturing high-quality sintered bronze silencer elements.

We request our customers share their specifications, including pore size, geometry, shape, and flow rate, for customization in PDF or word Docx files.

Our experts quickly evaluate your shared specifications for customization. We offer viable suggestions to our clients to customize their products under their designated budget.

Thousands of customers trust us to purchase the best quality products for their following projects.

We are committed to meeting the requirements of our clients by manufacturing customized products.

 We immediately start production of sintered bronze silencers after receiving written approval from our clients.

We prefer premium-quality powder raw materials, high-performance sintering tools, and internationally accepted packaging material for fast-track delivery of sintered bronze silencers.

We are highly dedicated to maintaining IS0 9001: 2015 quality standards for manufacturing sintered bronze silencers. Share your quotes now!

Contact us to get more information about product pricing or specifications. We serve our clients 24×7.

Sintered Bronze Silencer- Ultimate FAQs Guide

Are you searching for the right sintered bronze silencer?

Want to find it in premium quality to reduce the noise level and purify the air?

Therefore, this guide is structured to provide you with all the information related to the sintered bronze silencer and how you can benefit from it.

Let get started.

Sintered bronze silencers are manufactured with the latest technology and broadly used in the equipment to reduce noises.

Moreover, they offer reliable and high filtration outcomes, which increases their strength and suitability for installation in various machines.

Subsequently, many industries and applications use bronze silencers due to their easy installation, free maintenance, and convenience in cleaning.

Furthermore, the bronze silencers can be easily cleaned by the reverse flow or backflushing technique with a solvent to ensure the elimination of in-depth contamination.

Typically, the bronze metal in spherical powdered form is used for its manufacturing, which is later compiled into a porous structure for high efficiency in different applications.

Mainly, the bronze silencer is utilized due to its uniformity in pore dimensions and controlled distribution of pores.

Consequently, this uniform distribution in a three-dimensional structure leads to high performance and durable products.

Thus, they are uniquely designed to fit various industrial applications to reduce noises and withstand high temperatures and corrosive environments.

Figure 1 Sintered Bronze Silencer

Figure 1 Sintered Bronze Silencer


The uses of the sintered bronze silencer are extensively used in various industrial equipment to reduce the noise pollution around it.

Mainly, the bronze silencers are used in hydraulic and pneumatic equipment due to their high efficiency and effectiveness.

Moreover, they are also suitable for several rugged industrial applications due to their high heat and corrosion resistance.

Furthermore, they are helpful in the cement and automobile industries as they enhance workability and are known for self-lubrication.

Due to their anti-corrosive property, they are utilized in the marine industry and other applications requiring moisture exposure.

With the use of bronze powder in a spherical shape, the silencers can be welded, soldered, or machined into desired sizes as they can withstand high chemical actions.

Typically, this bronze filter element are used in the exhaust ports systems in air cylinders, quiet cylinders, crankcases, gearboxes, oil tanks, solenoid valves, and other pneumatic tools.

Subsequently, it shows high dirt capturing capacity, permeability, long-lasting efficiency, and in-depth filtration process, attracting maximum contaminants towards itself.

Figure 2 Bronze Silencer Uses

Figure 2 Bronze Silencer Uses

The advantages of the sintered bronze silencers are many since they can be exclusively designed to meet the application requirements.

Some of the advantages are listed as follows:

  • They have high efficiency with the finest finishing touches.
  • Cost-effective and easy to maintain.
  • No special treatment is required for cleaning.
  • Highly reusable substance.
  • Long-lasting and fatigue resistant.
  • Shows high chemical tolerance.
  • It can be welded, soldered, or machined after manufacturing.
  • High dirt retaining capacity.
  • Easy installation process.

Figure 3 Sintered Bronze Silencer Advantages

Figure 3 Bronze Silencer Advantages

Sintered bronze silencers help noise filters by diffusing the muffle and air noise from the valve ports, air tools, and cylinders.

Consequently, they are manufactured with the sound-reducing properties to the acceptable levels by OSHA requirements of noise acceptance.

Typically, the silencer filter is attached with the exhaustion port valve to lower the o=sound of the ventilated air of the system.

It is necessary to reduce the noise so that the noise pollution cannot harm the employees working there.

Normally, the machines are equipped with single or multiple silencer filters that divide the compressed air to multiple channels and reduce its sound.

With the effective use of sintered silencer, the noise level can be reduced to 30 to 40 dB leading to the following benefits in the working environment:

  • Low risk of hearing loss in the workers.
  • Improved and healthy working atmosphere.
  • High performance and productivity.

However, replacing the old filter silencers with time is also necessary to ensure a clean and healthy atmosphere.

These silencers are constantly exposed to dirt, dust, and contaminants resulting in the clogging in the silencer.

Moreover, the dirty silencer can cause the following side effects:

  • Compressed air consisting of impurities.
  • Pipes and other parts of the system contain dirt.
  • Maintenance of the machine’s lubrication system.

Figure 4 Bronze Silencer for Noise Reduction

Figure 4 Bronze Silencer for Noise Reduction


Noise is reduced through a sintered bronze silencer by the use of the spherical bronze powder in the filter silencer.

Typically, they are manufactured to possess a corrosion-resistant property to offer high performance in noise-controlling exhaust valves.

Moreover, they are structured in such a way to provide rapid air exchange to make sure air is contaminant-free in the minimum time without exerting any useless pressure.

More than 90% of the commercial and industrial machinery use these silencers in their exhaustion system to directly eliminate dirt and maximum noise reduction.

Therefore, leaving behind a stress-free and noise-free working environment maintains the employees’ better working life.


There’s no such difference between a sintered bronze silencer and a muffler since both are extensively used to exhaust dirty air and reduce noise pollution.

However, the mufflers are manufactured with a thick layer of fibers to absorb gases and sound waves.

On the other hand, the bronze silencer is made up of spherical bronze powder, which is used to reduce sound level.

Furthermore, these devices are connected to the exhaustion valve or pathway for the attenuation of noise of compressed air escaping from the machine.

Typically, the main task of the muffler or filter silencer is to decrease the speed of the toxic gases and sound waves emitted from the machine.

They are meant to absorb them before releasing them into the air to ensure the atmosphere is free of toxic elements.

Subsequently, the main working principle for both mufflers and sintered bronze filters depends on the conversion of the sound waves into heat for the reduction of noise level.

Figure 5 Sintered Bronze Muffler

Figure 5 Sintered Bronze Muffler

The key features of a sintered bronze silencer include:

  • Highly corrosion and temperature resistant.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • Highly reusable and durable.
  • Reduced noise requirements.
  • Customizable according to the application demands.
  • High chemical resistance against harsh bases and acids.
  • In-depth filtration even at elevated pressure.
  • Compact size.
  • Cost-effective solution.
  • It can also capture oil content from compressed air.

The manufacturing process of sintered bronze filters is carried out by collecting the spherical bronze powder into a mixing compartment.

Here, it is mixed with the other chemical (if required) properly to ensure the desired properties in the products.

Once it is mixed properly, it is transferred to another chamber for die-casting and compressed under high pressure.

Under the influence of pressure, the bronze powder is solidified and compact into the cast shape with high dimensional accuracy and different sizes depending on the requirements.

After the shape is obtained, the sintered silencer is taken out from the casting and placed under the low temperature to let it permanently adopt the desired shape.

However, the temperature is maintained to be at low points so that metal should not start melting; instead, it hardens and prepares itself.

When the metal is completely solidified, it converts into a porous shape and can be used as a sintered bronze silencer.

The process can be used to manufacture high-performance bronze silencers with high complexity and repeatability.

The expected price of sintered bronze silencers varies from piece to piece depending on the material used and manufacturing brand.

Typically, the sintered bronze air pneumatic filter silencer price ranges from $0.11 to $107 per piece.

Moreover, a sintered bronze mini brass silencer may cost from $0.09 to $1.2 per piece.

On the other hand, an efficient noise reduction sintered bronze silencer may cost $0.1 to $100.0 per piece.

Another type of sintered bronze silencer price ranges from $0.1 to $100.0 per piece, and a sintered bronze pneumatic silencer costs from $0.5 to $1.2 per piece.

However, most of the manufacturers require a minimum order range of about 10 to 100 pieces at affordable prices.

The leading manufacturer of a sintered bronze silencer in China is SHENGYE due to their premium quality and high-performance products at affordable rates.

Moreover, they manufacture pre-eminent quality products with high noise reduction in pneumatic equipment at elevated pressures.

Furthermore, the company is focused on manufacturing desired sizes and shapes to meet the client’s requirements.

The bronze silencer manufactured by them is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 300 degrees Celsius.

Subsequently, these silencers can work effectively and efficiently under high pressure up to 10 bars.

They offer the best sintered bronze silencers for air tools, cylinders, and exhaust diaphragm valves to decrease exhaust noise productions.

All the products are manufactured by the company are covered with anti-oxidizing, corrosion-resistant, and thermostable materials for increased lifespan.

Moreover, if you want know more product details, or other information about the company’s return policy or return method, visit their website or talk to their team.

Figure 6 Leading Bronze Silencer Manufacturer

Figure 6 Leading Bronze Silencer Manufacturer

You can order sintered bronze silencers from Chinese manufacturers for guaranteed high-quality products.

Moreover, you can place an order at SHENGYE to get the best sintered bronze silencer worldwide.

Have a visit to their website and get the information about their products and customer services.

Furthermore, you can also have a detailed conversation with their representative to know about their product description, materials they use and how long they take to deliver the order.

Subsequently, provide the company with a valid shipping address, and you will get your order with the minimum shipping charges and all the products are shipped as returnable items.

With years of experience and implementation of modern techniques, they understand how to meet client requirements and deliver the right product on time.

You only have to provide the information about the item model and they will send it to you through a faster shipping route at the minimum price material.

Once you are satisfied with their service, you can fill out their online form, tell them your credit card details and their team will surely get back to you to proceed with things forward.

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